Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Its Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I posted last. Kind of alot has happened.
Workwise- after coming back from Phoenix, we found out the other counselor (CG, ive talked of him before) didn't go to training. So we fired him. And I took on his case load. Which I'm actually happy I did even though its going to be a whole lot more work. As we were looking through files the last couple days, he hadn't been doing much of anything with these clients. He had told alot of them to short sale or do a bankruptcy which is a big no no. We cannot give legal advice like that because of the affect it has on credit and such. Everyone else he just told he couldn't help or left them hanging for months at a time. I feel HORRID for his clients and hope we can mend our integrity has an agency.
Familywise- not alot going on there either. Everyone is excited for summer to be here. Nate can't wait to go to school next year (mostly so he can get new shoes..sheesh) and Tyler is super excited for Kindergarten. Ry is just being Ry and getting huge

I was Graysons birthday on May 8th. It was a tough day. I felt fairly lost the entire day just merely because we didn't have anywhere to go pay respects and I really kinda felt alone. Its also been hard to be around the cute little new babies that are surrounding me. That never was a huge issue after he was born, so I'm not sure why it is now. So my family and friends who have new babies...if I don't play with them or want to hold them please be understanding. I still love them all the same I just need to get over this bump in the road or I'll break down. On the plus side, plans for the memorial wall are up and running again so hopefully that project will be completed soon.

Well, have a great day everyone and I'll try to get on here more often. Love you all!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Phoenix so far

For those of you who don't know....I'm in Phoenix AZ right now for a training. And I love it. The first class was basics and kind of boring, but at the same time there were soooo many new things I learned and some things that were clarified to me I love the opportunity to expand my knowledge base and learn new ways of doing things I was already doing. Today was a credit score class. It pretty much cleared up alot of notions about credit and some things I didn't know. I have come to hate the way FICO decided to score people because it's not totally fair. But...its good to know how it works. And now I understand why things I was doing to try to improve my score were actually very detrimental to it instead and made it go down. Who would've known. But I have some good knowledge for here on out. The only issue I'm having here is that I really am not making friends the way I have in my other two trainings. That part has been extremely hard considering I'm here pretty much by myself. The other counselor came but I've seen him once in the three days for about 2 minutes. So.....yeah. Tonight is a big networking reception though to hopefully that will help out a tad. Maybe. I dunno. It proves to me I need to get my wieght under control because I think its affecting my confidence to go up and speak to people first. hopefully I can get past that soon. Anyway....heres crossing fingers things will go better soon :)