Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ice Cream and Scouts

Last night after FHE we decided to cash in on Tylers free ice cream cone (prize for reading every day last month) from a delightfuly expensive ice cream shop called Maggie Moos. Their ice cream is delicious. However, the price is not. So we all got kid size ice cream cones and even with Ty's free cone, it was just under $10. For 3 kidsize cones. $10. Yeah. Have I ever mentioned that my kids aren't really the ice cream type of kids? They think they want it but in reality when the ice cream is in front of them, they take 2 bites and are done. This was no exception last night, but its worth it for the whole spending time together, right?

Cotton candy and bubblegum were the flavors of the night
Tonight was Nate's annual Blue and Gold Banquet for Scouts. I will preface the night by saying that Ryder's new thing is saying "I'm being quiet!" while he's practically yelling, as well as making sure you know that ANY word you may possibly say is "a bad word!" Tyler's new thing is being bored. All the time. No matter what. Even if we are playing a game or watching a movie, we hear "I'm sooooo bored!" constantly. I think its payback for my childhood because I distinctly remember on several occasions pulling the same trick on my mom. Anyway. On to the night.
Ryder was being loud, like really loud, during the entire program. I would tell him to whisper and of course he would yell "I am whispering!" And of course Tyler was bored all throughout the program. Nate thankfully was content to play with his scout friends semi-quietly, but still. The program was still good however... and I don't think we were too disruptive as no one glared or told us to be quiet.
Nate helped with the program and did wonderfully at reading his part. His scout leaders can't tell me enough how great of a kid he is and how helpful he is. That makes me proud.
He was not in the photogenic mood...but his pictures did make me laugh a little.

attempt 1

attempt 2

attempt 3 (i finally gave up)

On another note....today was my offical first day at my new job and I absolutely LOVED it. I'm rather excited to see where this job will take me. I have high expectations of myself.....and I am going to do what I can to exceed those expectations. I'm feeling rather blessed to have been given this opportunity, so I am going to make the most of it. Happy days are ahead ya'll, very happy days!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Frumps

A female with lack of concern for appearance. Often characterized by sweatpants, frizzy hair, gramma panties and a paisty complexion.
-Urban Dictionary
I have been feeling rather frumpish lately. I vowed when I was a teenager that I would NEVER turn out to be a frumpy old lady. I would be hip and stylish for the rest of my life. Yeah that didn't work. It was particularly bad while I was married. I COMPLETELY let myself go. Like in a bad way. When I started school, things got a tad bit better. I moved on from wearing my ex husbands jeans to actually buying my own. But I still wasn't there. When I became single again, I focused more on myself but in a downhill spiral type of way. Then things evened out but there are still (many) days that I just don't put the effort in.
But on the flip side, the days that I DO put effort into my looks I feel wonderful. So why is it that I wouldn't put forth that effort every day?
Ummm laziness mostly. Staying up to late and rushing to get ready in the morning. Talking myself out of doing things for me because it would be "silly" to or whatever other excuse. I never could justify spending money, even just a couple dollars, on something that would be special for me. It kind of felt selfish.
I've realized that if I want to turn myself around, if I want to be able to make improvements deep on the inside, I need to be able to feel good about myself. So, I'm going to start a challenge for myself. There have been numerous friends of mine doing the same so I might as well join the bandwagon, right?
I really need to think about how I want this challenge to go, but I want to do something new every month, starting March 1. Nothing huge or expensive because who has the time for that? Just little things that will make a small difference. When I figure it all out I'll share.
Have a good weekend ya'll!
p.s. When I was looking for pictures of frumpy stuff, google images spit out some very non-frumpy pictures. If society really thinks that a celebrity with full on makeup and a touch of "messy hair" is frumpy...seriously.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Final Days

via google images

So tomorrow is my last day as a housing counselor. In the last 2ish years, I have learned soo much. I think this job was just what I needed to gain some crucial life experiences and help be grow some confidence that I had been lacking for a very long time. There have been some very tough experiences that taught me to toughen up a little bit and realize that regardless, I'm a good person. I had a really hard time dealing with them but they were learning experiences. But on the flip side there have been some spectacular times that made me realize it was all worth it in the end because I came out a better person. So....it's time to reflect:
-I've learned that it's important to follow politics. I never really cared what was going on (sad I know) with our country, but I was better at my job if I kept up with what was going on. Not to mention my position was grant funded, so it's smart to keep up on things just for that.
-I've learned that there are a whole lot of people out there who drive me crazy. I cannot tell you how much I realized that society has gone down the toilet in a major way. I am shocked by the number of people who use the system so that they can sit at home and get drunk/do drugs/smoke their lives away. Its sad. I wish I could do an intervention on them all and wake them up a little
-I've learned compassion for those who are less fortunate not because they just don't feel like working, but because life has truly dealt them a bad hand in life. They are trying their hardest to make the best of their lives and will do whatever they can to try and improve their situation, even if it means taking on multiple low end jobs to meet expenses.
-I've learned to truly love (not in a gross way geez) those who are not at capacity if you know what I mean. Even when they drove me crazy, I couldn't help but smile when I would get to talk to them. That is one part of the job that is going to be strange to leave....I might actually miss the daily interactions with them I think.
-I've had the opportunity to travel and make some lasting friendships with others around the country. I still stay in contact with many of them and will continue to do so after I leave. They are amazing friends and I can't wait to see where their lives take them. I've seen them move on to different jobs, get married, move cities, you name it. We all share in each other's successes and I love it! I also look forward to some who want to come visit and enjoy beautiful Southern Utah. It will be nice to catch up and just hang out.
-I've also made numerous friends locally through networking and in my clients. I will truly miss being able to interact with them on a weekly basis and wish all of them the best in whichever direction their lives take.
-I've grown some good friendships with the girls I work with. It definitely hasn't been an easy ride getting into our grooves with each other but I really do count each of them as a friend. It will be a very different experience working with boys instead of girls and I think I might just miss the freedom to girl talk without wierd looks. Except from our maintenance guy haha!
-And last but not least....I don't think I will ever work anywhere again that will have such fun...crazy...wierd....hilarous...out of this world drama. We would joke that the place is built on an indian burial ground but I really do believe it from the things that would happen there. It is definitely going to be hard to work at a place that even remotely compares. I don't know, maybe it will be nice not to have so much action? I think I'm going to miss it though. I might have to go sit in the office on lunch breaks every couple months just to get in my dose of wierd haha!

So...its been a good run. I truly am going to miss it there but I sooo very much look forward to starting this new chapter of my life and seeing where it takes me. Yay for a change in lifes direction!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sicky Sick Sick

We had a very fun and adventurous day. We started out by attempting to go sledding, only to find that we had a flat tire. Thank goodness Grandpa rescued us and we were able to get on our way....even though we were about 30 minutes later than everyone else. But we had a blast. The boys LOVED being able to sled with their cousins and it was nice spending time with the family. And even with our late start, we got in at least an hour of fun sledding. Afterwards, we met up with some of the fam for some lunch and spent the afternoon playing Lego Batman. It was really great....up until Ryder started puking. And puking....and puking some more. I am not entirely sure if it was overdoing it with the sledding or maybe eating something bad for lunch, praying it's not the flu....I dunno. But I've never had any of my kids throw up so much all in one shot. I absolutely hate feeling so helpless because really? What do you do? There isn't a magical cure to get rid of the puke aspect. He's sleeping now and I hope he can get some much needed rest in order to get over whatever this is. Crossing fingers he wakes up right as rain in the morning. Until then....I cross fingers I can do something to make him feel at least a little better. And now I'm starting to feel yucky too. Hopefully it's just sympathy pains. Wish us luck!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thoughtful Sunday

During our lesson in church today, the questions asked were "Wow do we make sure our kids are prepared for the world they are growing up in? How are we going to make sure they know the difference between right and wrong...and how to stand up for their beliefs?"
And...I didn't have an answer. How do you make sure your kids know who they are, and have confidence to stand for what they believe in, whatever it may be? I feel like I'm working hard to make sure my boys know right from wrong, but how can I teach them to be confident in their beliefs when I can't even do that myself?
It really got me thinking about what I have done/would do if my beliefs came into question. Would I have the strength to stand up for what I believe in? In the past I didn't. And I think that was because I wasn't sure what my beliefs were. I still struggle with knowing, without a doubt, what is true and what is not. There are some things that I am very concrete in.

-I believe in the power of prayer. My prayers have been answered numerous times and there is no way that I can deny that I've been blessed.
-I truly believe that the person I am meant to be with is going to be strong in the church. And I know, without a doubt, that he won't come into my life until I am ready for him.
-I believe in serving others. My life has been blessed tenfold when I have given of myself unselfishly. I need to do so more often.
-And lastly, I truly believe that He is there for us when we need him. I cannot express how many times miracles have happened in my life in the last couple years. He has comforted me in my darkest sorrow, he has celebrated in my success. He has guided me through my struggles and I know without a doubt that the peace I have felt during hard times comes directly from him.

There are soo many things that I'm not entirely sure what my standpoint is however. I hope that as I study the scriptures and learn from my experiences, I will come to understand better what my true beliefs are and be concrete in them. I really feel I'm getting there, I just need to put a little more effort into understanding and having faith.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stuffed French Toast

I wanted to try something new for dinner and breakfast sounded really good....so as I was making my menu for the week, I found these delightful little things on Hungry Girl. They are Cannoli Stuffed French Toast Nuggets. They are super easy and fun to make, and I was able to use stuff I already had around the house, for the most part.

Ty and Ry helping dip the nuggets

The finished product
Instead of using the ricotta cheese that the recipe calls for I used cream cheese (ww reduced fat) and it tasted pretty dang close to the stuffed french toast I've eaten at restaurants. I thought they were absolutely delish. The boys....not so much. Nate was the only one who got to join the clean plate club tonight. I overestimated how many they would eat. so I have a ton left over. But thats okay...I figure thats breakfast for the next little bit for me woohoo!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Mom's birthday and we did what we could to make it special. SIL Betsy arranged a fantastic dinner that we all helped prepare and we had the whole family over for dinner and cake. Grandma shared some delicious goodies with us all and it was wonderful to be able to hang out with everyone. The night was truly enjoyable.

A friend had given mom a crown and wand so she could be queen for the day. I think it looks great :)

Adorable nephew who loved the idea of being King

Ry of course had to try it out

The fam eating a delish dinner of sloppy joes, mac & cheese, fruit salad, green salad and chips. Super yummy! Way over my cals for the day....but totally worth it!

In true grandma form (holding grandkids) watching the cake get lit

See that bit of a spark? Yeah....trick candles. They are awesome :)

Ry was being silly so SIL Betsy tried the idea of eating like a pig from The Christmas Story. And he totally dug it! I had to get a picture....it was pretty funny.

And now....to give thanks to my mom on this wonderful birthday....

Dear Mom. You have always been a wonderful mother to me. Even during the times when I know I drove you to your wits end, you stuck it through and was there to support me. You have shown me unconditional love throughout my entire life and I can't express how much it has blessed my life to know that I have a safe place to fall with you. You have held my hand in hard times and celebrated my successes. You have always supported me in my decisions and have gone above and beyond to help me be a better parent, sibling, daughter and friend.
You are a phenomenal Grandma to my boys. They look up to you and love you with all their hearts. I attribute their positive behaviors and smarts to you as well, from teaching them it's illegal to hit girls and you will kick their butts if they do....to teaching them the fun science experiments and all about centrifical force. I still get impressed looks from outsiders who overhear them use that term. They know without a doubt that they are loved by you and that's what matters the most.
People around you have also noticed your kind spirit. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone say how amazing of a person you are. How kind and willing to help you have been, and how much of an impression you have made on their lives. You are a wonderful example of unselfishly giving of yourself to serve others. I am and always will be proud to be able to call myself your daughter.
I love you Mom and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Workout

So I have decided to try somethin' new. I love my Zumba but the connector things from the DVD player and the TV are on the fritz, so until I replace them I have to figure something else out. Well thanks to Pinterest, I sure did. Here is my workout tonight.

Box for two minutes: Do jabs and uppercuts holding dumbbells.

Squats: Do 16 reps, repeat.

Donkey kicks: Do 8 reps, switch legs, repeat.

White Swan: Do 16 reps, switch sides, repeat.

Diamond Downsizer: Do 2 sets of 16 reps, switch sides, repeat.


There are some super awesome workouts laid out on this blog, of which I'm planning on doing for the next little bit. Seriously, there are TONS. And even better, they aren't complicated. Most have motion pictures to show you how to do the moves properly or they have the entire workout streamed in. I highly suggest checking it out if you want a little change up.
I have my next couple weeks all set up and ready to roll...I'll share my fun new workouts as I go. Have a good night ya'll!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The boys have decided that they absolutely LOVE sledding. I absolutely DON'T love sledding but only because you get wet, cold and muddy. I'm not a fan of wet, cold and muddy. However we actually had a lot of fun and I'm happy we went. I even got to race the boys down the hill. It really was such a fun time. The boys have decided they would like to go every Wednesday (early out days) until the snow completely melts. That could be awhile since the snow keeps a'coming. I do have to say....it is also good exercise hiking up the slick hill again after racing down. So...it's completely worth it. And I feel like I'm doing better with part of my "do stuff that my kids want to do (within reason of course) in an effort to become a better mom....even if I don't particularly enjoy the activity." resolution. Funny thing is...I had a bit of a bad attitude when we headed out but as we were leaving, I was soo happy we had gone. We had a blast and it was worth every cold bone in my body.

Ry riding with Nate

Ty helping Ry up the hill

Ty watchin Nate and Ry speed past

Nate helping Ry up the hill (I love how my boys help each other...sometimes anyway)

Ever since the days of Bunco when one of the prizes for winning was a Hot Chocolate maker, I have REALLY wanted one but never bought one. Well, they had them on sale at a local grocery store today and I finally have had a little extra money to spend on one. I am SOOO excited about it! We made our first cups tonight and they were absolutely delish. It kind of reminded me of the movie The Santa Clause when the cute little elf girl gives Tim Allen's character some hot chocolate that was shaken not stirred. Granted...this hot chocolate is stirred but it seriously comes out perfect! No hot chocolate clumps, barely any chocolate residue on the bottom of the cups, and always the perfect temp. It was definitely a purchase that I am happy I made and the perfect way to end a wonderful, chilly day!

Our new hot chocolate machine!

6 months later....Disneyland!

I have finally been able to get my pictures from the Disneyland trip off my camera! So what better way to warm up from all this snow we are getting than to have a sunny warm re-cap of the vaca! These are the better ones that were taken. I also decided I should've taken more photos at Disneyland.....I'll remember that next time....

Fav pic of Nate doing handstands at the beach

I love this pic of Mom and Dad

Ry enjoying the waves...even though he wouldn't go out in them

Ty livin' it up

Ty and Ry being buried!

Grandma finally convinced Ry to go in the water...but only if she held him

Ty blowing out his candles

The fam after the BBQ singin a lil Happy Birthday to Ty

Nate and Ty takin up the helm. It is a helm....right?

I LOVED all the little counties that were portrayed on this ride

Grandma and Ry strolling around

Grandpa and Ry on the Dumbo ride

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well hello there

I am finally back to blogging. What have I been up to you may ask? Well life has been a little trying. The wonderful job opportunity I wrote about awhile back ended up falling through. Stress has gotten a hold of me a little, but things are going better. I have personally seen the miracles of divine intervention the last couple weeks and truly am grateful that I have been able to be blessed.
So updates on whats going on....
-I recently watched the move Courageous and it inspired me quite a bit. For those that haven't seen it, a quick preview of the movie is that a group of friends who are also police officers take on a resolution. After losing a daughter, one of them decided he had wasted too much time not doing things that supported his kids and his family and he searched and prayed to try to find a way to be a better parent. Out of his search, he came up with this resolution. In essence, he decided to make his family a priority, to always choose the right and to make sure his family made the Lord a priority in their lives. He asked his friends to help him be accountable, but instead they all decided to sign the resolution. There were many obstacles that each faced, and when they made the right decisions they were doubly blessed. One line that has particularly stood out to me was "Now that you understand your responsibility, you will be doubly accountable for your choices made in this life." What I have taken away from this movie was that I am not being the best parent I can be. I hear a lot that I am "doing just fine" but I don't want to do just fine, I want to be the best I can be. So I have taken on the resolution myself. I am still a work in progress, but I want to know that when I stand before God, I can say with complete faith and honesty that I truly tried to be the best I could be. It takes work, very hard work, but it's worth it. And I hope to make my kids' lives better for it. So on with it.
-On to the kids. They have been doing fabulously. We have really tried to have more family focused evenings together and I have come to enjoy our time together. I have made the decision to strive for a more peaceful home (mostly by not yelling at them when they do things that aggravate me) and it has worked. They do more to help each other and we don't have near as many meltdowns. They are doing wonderfully in school, getting above average marks on their grades and are such smart kiddos. I love that they love school so much.
-With school, things are going well. I'm keeping my grades up and really enjoying what I am learning. There are many things that I have learned about myself and truly love all my classes, even math (of which I am above a 95% for the first time ever in a math class). I look forward to continuing my education.
-On the job front. This has been very stressful as things haven't worked out as I had wanted. I am currently working part time and it's proving to be kind of difficult. However....just when I was thinking that things were going to be rough, a miracle happened. A couple weeks ago I was asked how I felt about moving on to a different company. We had a meeting today about what that all entailed, and I truly feel blessed. The gentleman made my day in many ways. He first told me my reputation exceeds me which was truly a moment of pride and humility. I have really tried hard to serve people to the best of my ability, and I find it an honor to know that those in my industry feel that I have done a good job. As I told him my situation, he let me know they supported finishing my education (which has been an issue in finding other jobs) and wanted to help me be successful in that. He also told me that he is supportive of family, and is willing to offer flexible hours so that I am not taking away precious time from my family. And then he offered me my choice of jobs. Not just one job...my choice. I truly feel like I have been insanely blessed by all of this. It almost seems like it's too good to be true. I can't even explain how excited I am about this opportunity as I was really starting to feel hopeless and wasn't sure what I was going to do to support my kids. When things are a bit more finalized, I will go into it a bit more but this really feels like the right thing for me. I am still in a state of shock from it all, but I really do have a great feeling about this one and can't wait to begin my new journey.

Okay....that was a novel but I think that about covers it. I have missed writing and look forward to being able to do it more now that I have internet at home woohoo! :)

Happy Valentine's Day ya'll!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Need some prayers

So the awesome job opportunity that was a shoe in....didn't end up working out. And now...with my hours cut and the instability of how long I'm going to be able to continue with my current employment....(and I'm the last person who would ask this but I'm kinda not sure what I'm going to do now) prayers would be gratefully accepted. Divine intervention would be greatly appreciated right now. Crossing fingers it all works out. All I can say is thank goodness its tax time and I'm getting a good refund so that I will have a cushion. But still....any prayers directed my way would be fantastic.
Thanks all-

Derby Recap

This post will mostly be pictures and videos...but Nate did awesome. He had two 1st places, three 2nd places and two 3rd places. He placed 8th overall. His car did AMAZING and was a definite improvement over the last years car. So here goes.
Ty and Ry helping at the end of the race track

Nate with his awards and car

Nate watching the races
This is one of the videos...I'm not entirely sure if its a winning video or not as I can't tell which car is his....and posting all 7 videos would take a million years. So....here go. :) If you do want to see the winning video, look it up on my facebook :)