Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Last Day of Swimming Lessons!

So taking pictures with a camera phone is NOT a very good option when wanting clarity, so you really can't tell where my children are....but look hard haha. Today was the last day of swimming lessons, and Tyler passed with flying colors, ready for level 2! Nate...well, 3rd time is a charm they say. He just needs to work on his back stuff. They have LOVED swimming lessons, and they have been both of them more confident as well, its been a nice change.

Tyler was waiting for his teacher to hide some sticks on the platform, and practicing his strokes in this top picture. Nate was diving for rings in his picture next door here.

And Nate was being a dork and goofing off in the picture over here. He's definitely got a little bit of Carlile in him thats for sure. He has been doing good, although not as confident as Tyler is in the water. But we will work on that.
I just realized everyone BUT Tyler were doing the backstroke practice haha. He was too busy uh, doing something, I don't know what. I wish the picture would've come out more clear, he had the cutest orange goggles on, he looked cute in them.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We decided to play soccer today.! I think I have a natural born soccer talent in my family! Woohoo!! Nate takes after momma, except I wasn't a natural born took a TON of practice. But..he on the other hand rocks.

We went to Grandpa and Grandma's house to play in their backyard, and it was super fun! Nate is soo quick on his feet, and even though he was playing in flip flops...I know, not good soccer shoes haha...he has a really good kick and is very fast on his feet. Tyler tried his hand at it too, but decided "pitching apples" was much funner. Sorry Grandpa...I know if you woulda seen that we would've all been in trouble!

Ryder tried to get his hand in on it too....but didn't get the rules about not touchin the ball with your hands. Instead, he would pick up the ball and carry it to the goal. But hey...whatever works. He's not even 2 it's all good. But he got tired of that game really quick and went back to cookies and sippy cups.

I can't wait to see Nate in action on the field. I know he's goin to be AWESOME out there. He kicked hard, was tricky on his feet...and even caught one of my kicks straight in the stomach just like a goalie is supposed to do. I'm definitely a proud momma today! I was hoping one of my kids would take up my passion for soccer...I think I got my wish. WOOHOO Nate! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun

This 4th of July was really pretty fun. I had the day off, woohoo! And we got to hang out with the family and some friends all day. Danny had Nate and Tyler during the morning, they had wanted to ride on the fire truck with him in Parowan, so me and Ryder went to the parade here with the family. It was really fun. Betsys mom Margaret had made cute little candy bags for all the kids and had the very genius idea of bringing candy for the kids, since people here are stingy with candy at parades. It was fun.

After the parade I went and grabbed some stuff to make a salad for lunch and was able to pick up the boys. As always I was late to Betsys but we ate some yummy sandwichs and watermelon and that, and had some very, very yummy homemade berry ice cream and a 4th of July cake. It was the perfect lunch for the day.

The boys were in rare form as always, being show offs and goofing around all day long, which of course, is why we love them. After lunch we decided to go swimming, and all headed over to the Parowan pool. Again, as normal, I was running late cause I had to go grab some money to get in, but when we got there we all got in the pool and had a great time. The water was perfect and warm, and the boys practiced their swimming like they had learned in swim lessons this week. It took Ry awhile to warm up but after a bit he was in there splashing around too.

It was really fun seeing all the stuff they had learned, and how much more confidence they had while in the pool than even a month ago while we were swimming in the hotel over Memorial Day weekend. I was super proud of them. Still has a long way to go for both, but they are gettin there and it makes me happy they have the opportunity to do all that they are doing right now.

After swimming we went to see my friend Meghan for awhile then were going to go out and watch fireworks at Betsy's, but the boys fell asleep on the way out there. Then, fabulously enough, they woke up when we got back into town, so we ended up meeting up with Tony, Valena and Melissa for fireworks at the airport. The show was good and we came home and went to bed. It was a long and tiring day, but very, very fun! Thank you to Betsy for planning such a fun filled day for us to enjoy!