Friday, August 31, 2012

Oy what a day

Today was not a good day. I'm sure if I would've checked my health stats my blood pressure would've been through the roof. It was a morning (to be specific) that I truly just wanted to lay my head on my desk and cry...while being all shaky and ugh feeling. I made a few pretty costly mistakes and it made me question if I could really do the job. And then my amazingly awesome bossman did what he does best and bouyed me up. I really cannot comprehend what potential he sees in me sometimes, but he does. And I really REALLY appreciate the fact that he is there to help ground me. I appreciate that he understands the learning curve and still feels I am doing awesome at my job, even with my mistakes. I am still feeling the burn of the biggest mistake made today, one that I have offered to take the cost out of my commissions if we can't work the issue out with the Lender. A cool $2,500 mistake that was. Yeah. That bad. I learned my lesson and will definitely not make that mistake ever again. But that learning curve sucks.
I am so looking forward to the 3 day weekend and the upcoming Family Reunion that is going on this weekend. It will be nice to get away and have to force myself not to work. I need the break I think. Time to re-group and come together. This big mistake also makes me see that moving would've been extremely bad. I wouldn't have had enough money to cover the much higher rent had I moved... so I am feeling a little blessed.
So ya'll...I hope you have a relaxing weekend. Have a happy Labor Day!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Squishy Baby!

After a very long and busy day, it was such a breath of fresh air to able to see a new addition to the family of some good friends of mine. He is an adorable little guy...or I really should say big guy, he's 12 lbs already! It almost makes me miss the baby age....almost. Don't worry family members/ friends.... no more kids for me until I am happily married :) I'll just have to squeeze and hug on this cute little fellow instead!

Baby Cooper!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We've had a very eventful couple of days, holy cow. Its been great, but busy busy! On Monday my niece Melissa was in the play Annie Jr (Jr because all actors were under 18) and she did a great job! The whole production was wonderful. It was a great family home evening for us.
Tuesday was the most insane day thus far. Work was hectic busy and then after leaving work much later than normal we went to Nate's pack meeting for scouts. He earned a few badges and they had a really good time.
Crappy cell phone picture of Nate recieving his awards
Right afterwards Nate, Melissa and I headed to auditions for a second Annie production that is being put on by the community theatre. I never thought Nate would want to be part of a play, but he did so away we went. It was soo hectic and crazy, and auditions were running late and we were there about 30 minutes later than expected. But in the end it was worth it because......

Boys will start rehearsals on Saturday, September 22 at 6:00 pm (the FULL CAST rehearsal). They will rehearse some Tuesday and/or Saturday evenings for their specific scenes. A more detailed schedule will be posted in a couple weeks.

Cast of Boys

Luke Barnes
Andrew Barrick
Jeremy Cain
Nathan Stubbs

Woohoo! Nate got a part! He is very, very excited. We aren't sure what part yet, as it only says Cast of Boys but I guess we will find out in September at the first rehearsal. He is soo excited to be able to be part of the production. I'm excited for him!

I'm finally getting some loans starting to close's awesome! I am very much looking forward to my paychecks coming in regularly and not being on salary advances anymore, it will be a great day let me tell you. I am also seeing that moving didn't happen for a reason with some events that have recently happened (good events that will be discussed at a later date if they continue to progress). Life is going pretty darn good. I'm happy for that.

And to end the post....random funny picture of Ryder! It made me giggle :)

He's a cowboy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I Won't Give Up....On....Us....

As much as I hate commuting, being able to listen to two hours + of music per day has been enjoyable. I love music for anyone who hasn't  caught on to that yet. My favorite kinds of music are the more mellow ones that are relaxing and have awesome lyrics. Yep I am one of those that pays attention to the lyrics. So I hear this song probably 4 times a day between my morning and afternoon commutes and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. I love it. So I'm sharing it. I hope you get gushy gut feelings from it like I did and enjoy your weekend ya'll!

I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz

When I look into your eyes it's like watching the night sky or a beautiful sunrise, well there's so much they hold. And just like them old stars, I see you've come so far to be right where you are. How old is your soul?
I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up. And when you're needing your space to do some navigating, I'll be here patiently waiting to see what you find 'cause even the stars, they burn. Some even fall to the earth. we've got a lot to learn, God knows we are worth it. No I won't give up.

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily, I'm here to stay and make the differences that I can make. Our differences, tehy do a lot to teach us how to use the tools and gifts we got. Yeah we got a lot at stake and in the end, you're still my friend. At least we did intend for us to work, we didn't break. We didn't burn. We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in. I had to learn what I got and what I'm not, and who I am.
I won't give up on us even if the skies get rough. I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up. I won't give up on us, God knows I'm tough, he knows I am loved. We got a lot to learn but God knows we're worth it. I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Funny Kids

My kids crack me up. They are super funny when they want to be. Two gems that I heard today make me laugh still just thinking about them.

Ryder was sitting at the table after dinner and Grandma was trying to tell us something but he kept interrupting so Grandma asked if he could give her a turn. He gave her the funniest look (I really need to catch it on camera some day, its hilarious) and asked her "What do you want to say?!" So grandma said "No I'm asking if I can have a turn to talk." and he replies with "But what do you want to say?!" It took a few more rounds of this until he finally gave Grandma permission to share her story. But you better believe as soon Ry thought Grandma was done he was back to chattering. The face plus the funny way he was saying it was just too hilarious. I have one feisty child...he is very silly.

Then on the way home Ryder starts singing really loud "The cows are in the meadows...eating buttercups. The thunder and the lightning make us jump!" I don't know why that struck me as soo hilarous but it was. Maybe because after singing it he would just bust up laughing thinking it was soo funny. So we've heard a couple different renditions of the song as the nights progressed. Tooo funny.

I love my kids, they make sure that I never have a dull moment!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rain Rain Don't Go Away!

The last week or so we have had storm after storm of rain and thunder/lightening and it has been absolutely fabulous! I love the rain! Driving in it is not so fun but I manage. Anyway, not much of a post but I wanted to share my lovely ride this morning. You know...just in case there are non-Utah readers who are curious about what I get to look at for 2 hours a day :)

Headed to St George this morning - I LOVE the clouds that don't rise all the way
Headed home from St George - clouds never did rise. So pretty :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Whats New

Lets see...whats new with us lately?
I haven't been blogging much due to lack of time mostly and really just nothing going on. Which is funny, because there is a lot going on just nothing that would be interesting to write. Most of it is work stuff. I'm still debating when to move....I'm starting to lean towards moving after a get a few good checks coming in which could be in the next month or next few months. Commuting is proving to be difficult and expensive. Especially on days like today when Nate woke up sick and I didn't have anything to work on at home. Needless to say, we took a short trip to St George. It almost felt like a waste of gas but I got alot done in the short time I was there.
On a hotter house is has hot as Haiti. The AC stopped working well over the weekend and I'm sure I just need a new filter (it hasn't been changed in longer than I care to admit) so thats another thing I need to put on my to-do list. Until I figure out what size I need and get one bought...we are kicking around in as few clothes as possible just because it is soooo hot. Thats my goal tomorrow... new filter. Hopefully that is all thats wrong with it.
My date over the weekend went well. The guy is very nice and put together, and we get along well. I still have the battle going on in my head as to if it feels right or not but I think that is just my inner self battling as usual. Does this dating thing ever get easier? I sure hope so. I hate dating. Its a pain in the neck. And I really don't mind the actual dating, it's just trying to figure out if its really the right person for me or not. Thats the tough part. I guess time will tell right?

Well...I think thats about all for now. Pics below from the last few days to round out a mostly boring blog post :)
The crazy rainstorm I drove into on Friday. This pic was between a super fast wiper job. Seriously huge...

Pretty double rainbow at the Mud Bogs. After we had gotten rained on for like an hour. Awesome.

Ry all cuddled up in a towel after his tub. I thought it was pretty adorable.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet beautiful sleep

via google images
I can not even express the exhaustion that I am feeling right now. This week has been one of the most stressful weeks I've had in a long time. I am soooo very tired. I just want to sleep. I am so looking forward to my bed tonight.
On my way into town after work it was raining soo hard that I literally had to drive 10 mph and have my wipers on full blast just to be able to see less than 2 inches ahead of me. I have never ever been in a rainstorm that bad. Water was just pouring down the street, so much that I could feel it swishing around under the car (on my feet!) when I drove down the road.  Very crazy storm indeed. Very wierd to go from super hot St George weather to very cold and rainy Cedar weather in a matter of a few minutes.
And the plan for tomorrow....more work, house cleaning and...
A date! :)

The fellow and I have been talking for a couple weeks and I think its working out okay. We shall see how it goes. We are going to the Mud Bogs in Parowan and it should be fun. And now....bed. I can barely keep my eyes open.
Goodnight all :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School...

......was not horrible. The night before school....was like a really scary horror movie that was never ending. The boys were hyped up. They were excited and nervous and antsy and sleepless and any other word you could use that would equal super duper hyper-ness. In other words, they drove me crazy. We attempted shower/bedtimes around 8:00 and lovely enough that didn't get done until closer to 9ish. Then bed. Lets just say that they were tucked in around 9:00. They actually went to sleep around 11:30 and not for lack of me trying to get them to calm any means necessary. Eventually though they finally went to sleep after threatening to take their toys away, possible spankings and hollers until I may or may not have mentioned I was running away until they decided to behave a little convincing.
But this morning they were up before me and ready to roll with hair done and new clothes on. I woke up to them watching TV and eating Poptarts. And apparently they had a great day at school, so that is even better. I hope the rest of the year goes as well.

This is after school....they were a little more polished before school but you get the point :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Tyler!

7 years ago today a beautiful baby boy came into our lives. He was tiny and adorable. We have been through alot in that 7 years. Tyler is one tough little cookie. He is loveable and VERY helpful, especially at dinner time when he doesn't want to eat. He loves his brothers and likes to help them out when they aren't fighting. He has conquered 5 surgeries (he has a cleft lip and palate for anyone reading that doesn't know that already) which is more than most people have in a lifetime and came out stronger each time. I love my little guy more than anything and I hope he had a great birthday today.

The cake. We have a birthday tradition in our house. The birthday boy gets to go choose his own cake from the store and choose decorations for the top and they get to decorate however they want.

From what I hear, cousin Jack decorated this beaut with the help of his Momma. Job well done I say!

We had a BBQ...Ty was his helpful little self and helped me BBQ the hot dogs and hamburgers

The birthday cake photo op

Getting ready to blow the candles out

Our family and friends

Opening presents.
You have been a joy in our life, we love you very much Tyler man. I can't even imagine what life would be like without you making me smile every single day. Happy Birthday love bug...I love you to the moon and back!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Today is Friday wooooo! I like Fridays. Except maybe this Friday because work was stressful and I really needed tomorrow to be a work day not a weekend....but it will hopefully all work out in the end with our problem file. Anyway, not much to report so here are a few pictures from the last little bit. I've been slacking at pictures huh! Here goes.

We played at the boy's school the other day with LJ. It was fun...this is them racing down the hill

Ty racing down the hill

Nate racing down the hill

The boys lookin all tough sprinting down the "stairs"

Ry hates the tub/shower, so I was surprised to see him and LJ tubbing the other day. LJ was showin Ry how to blow bubbles. It was sooo cute.

Nate got stung by a bee/wasp/hornet/something. It was huge. Threw some lavender oil on it and it was gone within a few hours. Always amazes me when that stuff works.

Remember my stress over work pictures not too long ago? This is the one that will officially be on our webpage under my name. I really wish my hair hadn't looked so sweaty/greasy from the 139583 degree weather that day but otherwise not shabby I think. Check out Joie Madison she definitely made me look way better than I really lookd that day.

So there it is. Have a great weekend ya'll!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Give Up

Its been a crazy busy week and it's only Tuesday! The days have been filled crazy issues at work and they generally spill over to the night time so I can get things prepped for the next day. And I'm not complaining because I love every minute. I do have definite feelings of inadequacy on several occasions but get reassured I'm doing okay. So In the end I love my job. Love it. So much that I am willing to move for it. But not yet.
After a very long and stressful search for housing, I found one that was wonderful and affordable. Almost too good to be true. Well after waiting 3 long days past the day I was told I would find out... I heard on Monday that I was approved. BUT.
There is always a but isn't there?
All of a sudden the deposit was going to be more than double what he qouted me AND he kept asking me how many bedrooms I wanted and when I was going to move in AFTER I put down $200 to hold the ground level three bedroom that I wanted to move into this weekend. Something about the whole transaction just feels wonky, and its too late to start looking again so...I'm throwing in the towel. I give up. Cedar is where I am meant to stay, at least for the next few months.
So, the next matter of business will be paying off the car, buying a new/better car and paying off the bad debt on my credit. If I can get all that taken care of, there is a high chance I will be able to buy a house in December instead of having to figure out a rental. Fingers crossed this plan planned. All I know is I feel more at peace now than I have in a long time so that reassures me I am making the right decision. Onwards and upwards!