Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zions Trip

Yesterday we went to Zions to watch Betsy do her 10k run. It turned out to be such a blast. I know she's probably gonna be shakin her head when she reads this, but Betsy really has been an inspiration to me. She's made goals for herself and gone through the steps to complete them, and I think it is just awesome. It helps me realize that it is possible for someone to really get what they want if they work hard enough for it, and made me really look at myself and my life and see some changes I need to make, and gives me the faith that with some hard work I can accomplish my goals as well. So high five Betsy...I'm super proud of you and was more than happy to show my support for you in reaching your goals. :)

As for the rest of the day it was really fun. After Betsy got done running we went for a little hike down the Pa'rus trail, and it was really nice. The boys had a really good time and at the end of the trail they got to go down to the river and play in the water, kind of. It was way too cold to full out play in, but they enjoyed dippin their feet in and making mud pies. Ryder even liked crawling around on the sand. After that we ate at a yummy restaurant in Springdale and headed home. We were all sorts of tired out and the boys napped the whole way home. We weren't quite ready to go home when we got back to Cedar, so we rounded out the day by eating some ice cream at Maggie Moo's. That place is spendy, but man its yummy too and they give you lots of ice cream. Anyway, all in all it was an awesome day and we all really really enjoyed ourselves alot. I can't wait for summer to get here so we can go out and do that type of thing more often.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When will spring be here??

I was hopin after a couple good days that Spring would finally be here...but's not. Instead it's cold and rainy, and sick kids are running around like mad men. My poor Ryder is not feeling good again. He had an ear infection in his left ear 2 weeks ago, and instead of getting better it apparently spread to the right ear. The poor little guy, he's been sick all winter it feels like. Hopefully this will be the last time for awhile. On the upside, my mom gave us some yummy Amish Friendship bread....yay! That stuff is super tasty, especially in a bowl with a tiny bit of milk poured over the top. I know, sounds nasty, but its yummy I promise! And, at my school job, one of the ladies bought a cookbook thats full of crockpot recipes...I can't wait to try a couple! We've all run off the best ones so when I try a yummy one I'll post the recipe. Anywho...thats all for tonight, its windy and cold and I'm going to bed :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow What A Day!

Well today was an interesting day. I love hiking, especially in Zions. But today was definitely one for the books. I woke up kinda ornery but figured that hiking would make that better since it usually does, but the friend I went with drove me insane pretty much the whole time. He asked if he could bring his dog yesterday, and I told him most likely not cause they can't ride the shuttles which is the main way to get around the park, plus they aren't allowed on most the hikes. Well he ignored me, and this morning showed up with his dog. I was trying really hard to be nice and gave in and let him bring the dog. Well we got down there and the parking lot in Zions was full, so we had to park in Springville or whatever that towns called. And of course...dogs aren't allowed on the shuttles just like I told him, so we had to walk halfway through town down to the walk-in entrance to Zions, and when we get there the dog is only allowed on one trail. And its quite possibly the worst trail there, just because it goes directly thru the campground the whole way and its a bike trail. So....the entire time bikes are zooming past and we are literally walking through peoples camps. So we get through the hike and I'm tired, Ryder is worn out and tired of the stroller, the dog is worn out and acting up...then I remember we still have to hike out of Zions and half way through town back to the car. Holy cow it was a long day. It felt soo good on my poor feet (I was wearing sandels...wasn't expecting to walk 10 miles today) to soak them in hot water and salt when I got home. And Ryder liked it too. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The First Day....

So this is my first day writing on this blog, or should I say night. I really need to start writing whats goin on in my life so I can start appreciate it more, so hopefully that will happen. :) And I'm going to try to include pics with every post, so we'll see how that goes. The pics for this post are from earlier today.

So today was Tylers big Easter party at the daycare, and it was soo dang cute. We made "stained glass" eggs out of tissue paper and wax paper. They turned out soo cute! His teacher, Ms. Holly, always has really cute ideas for projects for the class. Then he was a big helper and handed out cupcakes to all the kids. I am soo proud of him when I see him in action, he is always so eager to help. After that we went outside and had the big egg hunt on the play area. He had his little basket ready and when Ms. Holly said go, he was off and found tons of eggs. It was a great little party. I really love that daycare, all the teachers are sweethearts and genuinely care for the kids. I couldnt ask for a better place!

Nate's class party is tomorrow, and unfortunately I'm not invited, its an in class only party. But thats ok, I just hate that I wont get the updates cause him and Ty are going with their dad for Easter weekend. But hopefully I'll get the full story of it when I see them on Sunday.

Well I guess thats all for was a good day, but now I am its bed time. :)