Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When will spring be here??

I was hopin after a couple good days that Spring would finally be here...but no...it's not. Instead it's cold and rainy, and sick kids are running around like mad men. My poor Ryder is not feeling good again. He had an ear infection in his left ear 2 weeks ago, and instead of getting better it apparently spread to the right ear. The poor little guy, he's been sick all winter it feels like. Hopefully this will be the last time for awhile. On the upside, my mom gave us some yummy Amish Friendship bread....yay! That stuff is super tasty, especially in a bowl with a tiny bit of milk poured over the top. I know, sounds nasty, but its yummy I promise! And, at my school job, one of the ladies bought a cookbook thats full of crockpot recipes...I can't wait to try a couple! We've all run off the best ones so when I try a yummy one I'll post the recipe. Anywho...thats all for tonight, its windy and cold and I'm going to bed :)

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