Monday, June 28, 2010

This day

I got kind of an antsy feeling about today. Not sure why. Things seem to be going okay so far but man I hate these feelings. I always wonder why I get blessed/cursed to feel when something is about to go down. Who knows. Just found out today a friend of mine is getting married as well. Thats tough. They've known each other for like 4 months. I think hes jumping the gun a bit because he's lonely. Who knows though. I suppose if they are happy then more power to him. It's kind of an eye opener though. Makes me kind of wish I could...oh I dunno....get married soon myself. But that is a LONG way down the road I fear. Oh well. Anyway...enough of the random talk...I hope everyone has a good day and we shall see what happens with it :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Shout Outs

I've been horrible at recognizing peoples birthdays this here goes!

Happy Birthday to-

and the late Grandma Cowley.

Sorry I'm a space cadet and didn't recognize you all on your actual birthdays but I hope you all had great ones! (and I REALLY hope I didn't miss anyone else this month....I'm really sorry if I did!!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching up

I'm not doing as good with keeping this updated as I was, I get on to read peoples blogs but don't ever write them anymore. So I guess its catch up time. This month hasn't been super interesting, just been doing the same old work and be momma. Works going a tad better, although just when I think that something happens to knock it all down again. I've been trying to find a better way to deal with the people I work with better. Hopefully I find something soon. But my actual Housing Counseling job is actually going fantastic. I love it and I love working with the people I do. I've had a couple set backs but can only go up from here right?

The kids seem to be doing okay. I get a little worried about Nate and Tyler, they seem to really be having issues lately. I don't know if its due to the new surroundings at their dads house (I know I wouldn't be comfy there) or just life getting to them or what, but I hope they will be okay. Ryder is just Ryder. Hes an ornery little pill but hes doing good. They are all
getting so big. I love them to death.
Today I have to give a special appreciation to their daycare, Bright Starz. That place is AMAZING. They have helped the boys out so much in feeling comfortable and loved. The teachers are all amazing and really make the boys feel special. I give a special thanks to Mrs. Beverly today. Every month she takes on a family to do something nice for. She really watches the kids and determines something they could really use. Well, today she pulled me aside and said "Nate was showing me the hole thats starting in his shoes, so I'm wondering....would it be okay if I took them all to get a new outfit and new shoes today?" I was in awe. She wanted my permission because she didn't want me to think that she was implying that I was poor, she just wanted to let me know she has decided to take them on as her family this month. I thought that was soo sweet. And yes...I am poor hah! I was going to make Nate wait until the new school year to get shoes since he'd probably just trash the new ones anyway and I really don't have money to buy a new pair every month. So her thinking of this was a huge asset to me, and I really don't think Nate will ever forget it. I hope that my kids can learn that kind of compassion for others and learn how to be charitable. I'm trying to teach it, but having such great examples definitely helps too.
*I haven't shown off pictures for awhile so I added some today. the first is the boys playing in our front yard. They have really adjusted well to our new house thank goodness :). The second is Ryder in Nates boots looking for his caterpillar friend whos been living on those flowers. It was rather cute :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fairly uneventful beginning of the weekend. The boys decided they wanted to stay with me which was great. I love being able to spend time with them on the weekends. Except that I wanted to put them up for sale on the side of the street by the time Monday rolled around. They did not want to stop fighting. But Monday was a very good day. We ended up going to mom and dads to help plant their garden, which the boys loved doing. Then we went to Zions and went hiking. We went on the Weeping Rock trail, which is very short but it makes up for it in the incline. It was a straight up the mountain wall hike. Holy cow. But very awesome when we got to the top. The boys really thought it was cool and Ryder had a fun time walking down the trail afterwards. We then rode the shuttle up to the river hike and played in the water for quite awhile. It started getting late so we stopped off at the lodge to eat some dinner and checked out the turkeys that were running everywhere. The boys had such a great time, it was nice to see them so happy. When we got home we decided a snow cone was in order so we went to the Tiki Shack (which is AMAZING by the way mmmmmmmmm and super cheap!) and went home to hang out and wind down.
I am soo super grateful for having such a wonderful family and amazing kids. I don't know what life would be like without either and just want to express my thanks for being blessed with them.
It was kind of sad that I wasn't able to go pay respects to Grayson anywhere but the knowledge that I would be able to as soon as we get this memorial wall done made that not as big of an issue. So the weekend went fairly smoothly.
So...thank you to my awesome family...I love you all for being there and supporting me through everything I've been through. Thank you to my friends who always have my back and who I know I can turn to for anything. And a thanks to all those in the military who have given their lives or are putting their lives on the line every day for mine and my family's freedom. We greatly appreciate everything you do for us and appreciate you sacrificing your time and life for us.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!