Monday, January 30, 2012

Nate's Pinewood Derby

Nate's Pinewood Derby is tomorrow night at 6:00 pm for any and all who want to go. All are invited....Nate would love to see you there as would we! So Cedarites, Parowanites, Anyone-elseites....your all welcome to come!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So...I will most likely be on a bit of a hiatus for the next week or two. I will try to get on and post a little somethin somethin when I can, but there are some big changes going on right now so...
To all my millions two readers....I'll be back.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's dark....but it's battleship :)

Last night we decided to have us a little FHE. It was good times. I've decided to start by going back to the basics because, well, we all need a refresher. So we are going through the For The Strength Of The Youth book topic by topic. We started with a lesson on Agency and Accountability. We talked about how we have free agency and want to make good choices. I really like that the boys were attentive (for the most part) and Nate even looked up the scripture associated with the topic and read it.
We then decided on a game of U-Build Battleship (you get to build your own ship out of lego things...kinda neat). Nate and I were on a team and Tyler and Ryder were on a team. Then Nate, Ry and I were on a team. Then Nate and Ry were on a team and I was on the team with Tyler. Even with the switch around it was pretty fun. I really liked it.
We all did homework together afterwards and then did our bedtime thing. It was a great night. I rounded off the night with some Zumba! I have once again decided I love Zumba!
I however did not read the chapter I needed to for scripture reading, but we read almost an entire chapter for the lesson so I think that counts for last night. I count that as a win for the night! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

My birthday!

My fav pic of the boys and Jackers from Grandmas Friday :)
Saturday was a happy was my birthday :) As I get older it starts to just seem like another day passing by but my family made sure to help me feel special. Friday night we went to Applebee's for an early birthday dinner. It was fun and I went way over my calories. We then Redboxed some movies for a movie night. Dolphin Tale was my favorite. The other two, Midnight in Paris and...I honestly can't remember the title but it had Anne Hathaway in it....were not as good. They were okay, but not ones I would ever watch again.
Saturday my boys surprised me with breakfast in bed (I may or may not have hinted at it the night before....). It was a very flat egg that Tyler had not put butter or salt on because I'm on a diet. At least I have conscientious kids! Then they sang Happy Birthday to me. We got the house clean in record time and got laundry done. It's really easy when you actually keep up on it. We were through by noon, so Grandma decided to take the boys shopping for presents for me.
I had an hour of bliss reading a book (Pumpkin Roll by Josi Kilpack) and when they came back they had soo many surprises for me! Nate had chosen out a beautiful gold locket necklace and even put it on me. Tyler chose a beautiful ring that, even though it's rather large, looks really pretty on. And Ryder picked out a cute stretchy bracelet that I've yet to wear because he commandeered it shortly after I opened it. They and my mom got me wonderful cards that made me laugh and tear up a little.
I decided on enchiladas for my yummy birthday dinner and they ended up a little crunchy but good. We were all planning on going to the basketball game but no one ended up wanting to go but Tyler, so I called Grandma and she came to get  him. Well when she pulled up, Nate and Ry decided they wanted to go to. I decided it would be nice to have some alone time, so I sent them along and it was the best birthday present I think I got all night. A couple of my good friends brought over some yummy cookies as well, so I had perfect munching treats while I read. I had soo many well wishes for my birthday and decided I have the best family and friends ever. Soo much love.

So goal time. This week I did pretty good, I exercised 5 out of the 7 days.

This week's goal is to finish my Book of Mormon reading for the week. Now that I'm getting into the chapters, it can be kind of monotonous but I'm still going to get it done. I'm not going to die out on reading like I have in the past. And of course keep up with my exercise.

Here's so a good week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

You know its going to be a long night....

Village of the Damned scary kids

Last night was not a fantastic night. I think I must've not gotten enough sleep or something because I was awfully cranky and really just wanted to sit on the couch and lounge for the rest of the night. So my patience was wearing thin and the boys were just being themselves...and needless to say got in trouble a time or two. So my lazy butt was lounging and watching something (I can't even remember what we were watching on TV) when I realized I hadn't seen Ryder for a minute. That usually means he's going potty. But where it had been at least 10 or 15 minutes I really wasn't sure what was going on. I called for him and got no response, but (momma fail) gave it another 5 minutes before I actually went to see what was up. I looked in the Ryder. I looked in the Ryder (that I could see). I looked in my room and Ryder. I was kinda starting to worry a minute so I went throughout the house again and found him on his bed, whimpering a bit, hiding under a blanket...completely naked. This is generally happens (without the nakedness though) when he goes potty and didn't quite make it to the bathroom, but even then he will usually tell me. But...there were no poopy clothes, the bathroom was clean, the only trace was a little smear on his leg. So...I have no idea what all happened but he as soon as he saw me he started bawling and I couldn't get him to stop. I got him showered and in PJs and wrapped up in his soft blankey and it only took all of 5 minutes for him to go to sleep snuggling. So maybe it was sleepiness? I don't know.
So fast forward about 4 hours. I'm trying to finish up my homework in the living room and here he comes dragging his giant train blanket out. He kinda acted like a Zombie Ry since he wasn't really all that coherent but was still there walking around with his eyes open. He didn't want to snuggle so I laid him on the little couch. That lasted all of 5 minutes and he rolled himself off then sprawled on the floor at my feet. I asked if he wanted me to go tuck him in his bed but he was all "Arfghhhh noooooo mmfffghhh" So... I assumed that was a no and let him lay down there while I finished homework. He rolled around a bit but it seemed like he was sleeping so I just let him be. I needed to relax my brain a little for a bit after homework so I turned on some Family Guy and ended up dozing off. When I woke up about an hour later my dearest darling was wide awake and sitting up watching Family Guy. He resisted going to bed but got put there anyway and was all sorts of mad. He woke Ty up (which was good since he needed to make a potty run to avoid the wierd bedwetting that has started) and both had a hard time going back to sleep. It was probably 1:30 or 2:00 am before I finally got to bed. Needless to say, today I am SLEEPY. And will probably be cranky again. But its Friday! So I can have movie night and sleep in tomorrow woohoo!
And cross fingers my darlings don't provide another wierd wierd night like last night. I swear....they all do their things. I've carried full on conversations with Nate while he's been sleeping, I've witnessed Tyler sleepwalking as he tried to pee in our pantry one time, and now Ry is the zombie kid of the night. Oh I love my kids. They make me smile, even on my bad days.
Oh...I did a 20 minute blast of Zumba last night. That mixed with my 15 minute school walk counted as my 30 minutes a day. I'm proud of myself...I hope my hard work shows on the scale this weekend. Have a good one everyone!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A running post

DNF and the success of "failure"

For those of you who are newer to running...DNF = Did not finish. As in I tried to run this marathon but broke a leg at mile 16 and got a DNF.
The fear of DNF is what motivates us to train, get out there in sub zero weather and plug away at the miles but DNF has an evil side as well. The fear of DNF prevents many of us from even trying.
And DNF isn't just for runners or running. How many things in our lives do we limit ourselves in because of some sort of looming and scary threat of DNF.
For the New Year it struck me that many people are so fearful of "DNF" that they don't even bother to set goals or resolutions at all. More than once I heard, "I don't set goals because then I don't set myself up for disappointment."
There was something profoundly bothersome to me about that type of statement.
I'm not trying to judge, here. Believe me I was once that person as well.
What I've learned is, we have to get over our fear of DNF. DNF fear holds us back. When we aren't willing to fail we limit ourselves and we wind up living lives less of what we are capable of.
Stop being afraid to fail. If you never fail, you're not aiming high enough.

Along the same theme - I saw this amazing video yesterday:

These are bits and pieces of a story shared from I highly suggest checking it out!

I absolutely love this post. And agree fullheartedly. I have many, many DNF moments in my life and it sucks. I really have to try to get past them and push on. The video is a must see as well. It made me tear up. I think I'm getting too emotional in my old age when a runner tears me up but its true.

Last night I was able to do the Zumba tone series and I LOVE it. Once again the DVD sped by and 45 minutes was under my belt before I knew it. And according to a new handy dandy calories burned calculator app I found, I burned 707 calories. I was also able to finish some math homework early and read out of my legal book and communications book. I'm hoping to get myself in a habit of reading out of each every night so I can keep up on the courses.
Here's hoping today is even better! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Weekend and Goal Check In

We had a pretty good weekend all in all. I can't say it was a disappointment. Friday we decided to have a good ol' movie night. We rented Mr Poppers Penguins and The Help. I LOVED both movies. Mr Poppers Penguin was adorable and the boys thought it was hilarious. It had a great story to it too. The Help made me cry. It was fabulous and makes me want to read the book, which I plan on doing very soon.
Saturday we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast and went to IHOP. Can I just tell you that there is a reason I don't go there, I just forget sometimes. It is completely overpriced and the service is not great. Our meal was upwards of $30 which is crazy....we can usually eat under $20. We then got a surprise visit from one of my friends and his son. The kids played forever and ever at our little playground in the complex. It was decided they would stay for dinner, and grilling sounded like a good idea at the time. I say at the time because I'm surprised that the fire department wasn't called on us.
This was just the beginning. By the time the burgers were all grilled, smoke had filled not only the balcony but the house as well. It took a good two days to get the smell out. But....

soo cute :)
We finally were able to eat some delish burgers (with dry onion soup mixed in...soo tasty!) and the boys thought it was soo good, they all had seconds. That never happens. We watched Mr Poppers Penguins again (so that friend and his son could experience it of course) and just had an all around fantastic night.
Sunday church was a thinker. Our lesson was Love Thy Neighbor and I realized I need to do better at teaching my kids the principles they need to be wonderful, service oriented men. I won't go into it, however I have a plan. Well not really a plan, but I have lots of ideas. We shall see how it goes.
Monday was our day to clean and do laundry. I'm happy to report my house is shiney and clean. My laundry is done. And my snacks and lunches for this week are pre-prepared. It feels soo nice to have a clean house. I also started (and finished!) week 1 of the Book of Mormon challenge my ward put out. Those introductionary verses they had us read were inspirational and I couldn't put the book down. I finished all of the reading for week one. And I'm excited to move on to week 2.

Goal wise.... I failed miserably at exercising everyday. So this week...I make the same goal again. I'm going to exercise every night this week. Yesterday my exercise was the entire day of house cleaning/shopping (and I do count that...I burned 920 calories according my MyFitnessPal and that was low balling on the time). But tonight is feeling like a Zumba night. I will report back tomorrow on how that went.
Have a good week all!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday!

I love Friday. This week is no different, but its even better because we have a three day weekend! I need the break (as usual) to clean my house, do my laundry and all that jazz. It's been a minute since I have been 100% completely caught up on laundry, however this weekend that is my goal. Get laundry 100% done. Including bedding. I should have plenty of time to do so.
I don't think we are doing anything fun and exciting at all, but I still love the break and am looking forward to being able to lounge in my (new super comfy SUU) sweats and be comfortable too. Awwww the joy.

I think its awesome that today is Friday the 13th. And what makes the day super special is that TWO of my wonderful family members birthdays are today. And with the new year I am planning on celebrating birthdays on here. I did slack a little with Addie (sorry!) as I only told about her fun party, but I'm going to get better. I may miss some but I'm going to REALLY try not to. So here goes.

via google images

Dad- Happy birthday! You are fantastic Dad. I'm not entirely sure what I would do without you. You keep my cars running, even though I can be a bit rough on them. Your always there to save me when I run out of gas. You would give the shirt off your back to anyone who needs it and you have been a wonderful example of someone who goes out of their way to serve others. I remember nights of going on walks where you made sure to walk on the outside of the road where the cars were driving, you picked up every piece of trash we saw on the ground and always helped when we saw someone in need. I love that you have always been a prankster too. For instance, calling "Yaba Daba Doooo!" from your truck when you saw us walking home in an attempt to embarass us and going in with my brothers to get me to believe that you guys were building an actual UFO in the big hole that was in our backyard for awhile (I really did believe that for a super long time). I love when you whoop along to songs you like and bust out awesome dance moves when you hear a catchy tune. You help my boys do the fun "boy stuff" that just wouldn't be the same if I were helping, like building derby cars and rubber band guns. They look up to you and I can't thank you enough for being such a great example to them. It means the world to me that they want to be just like you when they grow up, I can't think of anyone better for them to strive to be like. I love you dad, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Katie- Happy birthday to you too! You are such a sweet girl. I love when I get to see updates about all of your neat accomplishments. You are such a smart girl and I love to see that you do soo well with your piano and reading goals. I especially love that you had the chance to play soccer, since that is my favorite sport. I remember when I first met you. It was at my wedding and you were the most adorable little girl. Now, you have grown up soo much and are such an amazing, beautiful young lady. I am soo happy to have you as part of our family. I wish we were closer to be able to spend time with you, but we are there in spirit as are you with us. I love you lots and I hope you have a super fun birthday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So my classes started this week and I think I'm really going to enjoy my math class. My instructor is taking a different approach of teaching math than any other instructor has in the past, so I'm really hoping that she will help me understand it. I'm horrible at math. Its my worst subject by far. But maybe she can help. What I don't like is that it's taking almost 6 hours of my week away for just one class. But...I guess its worth it in the end. The online classes are having hiccups and only one is even up and running. The other two are not. But thats good because it gives me time to get my books and stuff that I ordered online. I think this will be a great semester.

I am SOOO super excited about something that I will disclose here at a later date. Like I want to burst with excitement and woohoo! But I'm trying to tone it down to cautiously optimistic. Hopefully I can report good news soon :)

I think my legal battle with the ex is winding down as well. That makes me happy. After re-wording some things that I had proposed, I think we are on common grounds. His attorney didn't have spell check apparently however because there were a lot of spelling and grammar errors so my attorney is fixing that up and he wanted to question just one thing on the custody, but thats it. I just might be done with this mess soon. Makes me super duper excited at the prospect! But also kinda nervous maybe? It will be an odd feeling to be free of this mess after dealing with it for the past 5 years. I know it will feel great though, so thats what I'm holding on to.

I got to tell a funny happening from yesterday. We were on our way home and Tyler was extremely passionate about showing me where he went on his field trip. I was tired and really just wanted to go home (which normally I would've just said no but I'm trying to be a more supportive mom) but we decided to go see since I thought we would drive right by it on our way home. We started at Grandpa and Grandmas house and as we were passing the university he said "Mom I really want to show you where we walked to today! Its right by the church over there!" So in my mind I was thinking one of the theatres at the university so we headed that direction but I was wrong. So we had to go towards main street and I realized it was at the Heritage Theatre that was in the middle of town. But of course when I asked him, he said he wasn't going to tell me. So I try to go straight (the quickest route there) and got told that I was going the wrong way so we had to do a quick turn onto Main Street. About 1/2 block later he said "Man I guess we should've went straight back there, but you can turn right there!" (a little driveway used mostly by cops, of which we were just passing as he said it). Then "Dang you missed it Mom. Your going to have to turn on the next one." So we turn on the next one and are going through a little shopping/dining strip mall type place and I know if we just go straight in front of them we could see the heritage center but nooooo that wasn't good enough. "Mom you HAVE to go through the parking garage. Otherwise your going to miss it." This involved flipping around in the uber tight parking lot packed with cars and going through the parking garage. Nate is insistent on going up to the top floor of the parking garage so I have him in one ear saying "Mom we have to go to the top! Its how you get there!" And Tyler in the other ear saying " Nuh uh! You have to go straight! Don't listen to him Mom just go straight through!" And Ryder back there saying "I'm ready to go home, I'm hungry. Lets go." Finally...we pass the Heritage Center doors and I got to hear about how they went to the stage and how awesome the concert thing was and such. It was really kind of fun to hear all about it and I know it made me happy that we took the time out to help him know he's special.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More of a vent post than anything

via google images
As mentioned in the title, I'm venting. And its not something I try to do on here (ok I do more than I wish I did) but I feel better after I write stuff down so here goes.
I am having to be around a person who is incredibly bi-polar I think. One minute this person is happy and helpful and has your back (or at least they want you to think that) and the next you are lower than dirt and can't do anything right. Its frustrating. I know that this person has control issues and I keep getting told that this person is intimidated by me possibly (I'm still not sure about that one) which could explain why this person is not very nice. But it's frustrating. Truly frustrating. I have been working my tail off to help this person and it's all for nothing. Everything I do gets re-done. Things I get asked to do are given to others to do (even though I have already completed them) and its extremely frustrating to me to work so hard with nothing in return. Not to mention it gets to a point where they completely push me out of whats going on and then blames me for not getting things done. It makes me want to throw in the towel and be done with them. And then things get less stressful and everything is back to normal. And then something else comes up and its a vicious cycle where it all starts over again. What is worse is when this person is having a bad/stressful day, they will make sure everyone else knows how horrible and awful I am and it causes for an extremely awkward situation.
It's sad really. I've learned to let most stuff slide off my shoulder and not let it bother me. But it's the days that this person takes a personal hit against me that I struggle. And that was exactly what happened most recently and has prompted this post. As I'm writing this though it has opened my eyes to some things. This person is charismatc but not in the good way. As I'm thinking back on other situations that I've observed with other people, this person is very nice to people and then talks badly about them behind their back. Which is something I've experienced as well. And I think in order to gain "control" over things this person needs to feel superior to others. Which makes complete sense given their behavior. is a new day. I'm going to really try not to let things bother me and just be the best person I can be. I know I'm a good person and I know that I'm trying my best to make choices that are right. I just need to keep that in mind and know that Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture and I'm not given challenges that I can't face head on. It will make me stronger.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This semester is going to be interesting I think. Classes started yesterday and all I can say is I'm happy that my other classes are online, because if I would've scheduled them one after another and that whole schedule would've been jacked up. I found out yesterday that my math class is MWF from 1:00-1:50 pm but on TTH is 1:00-2:50 pm. Plus an extra meeting every week on Friday at 12:30. Really? I appreciate them wanting to make sure we understand but that is just insane. Luckily, if I keep my grade above a 95% I can skip the weekly meeting and some of the TTH "SI sessions" from 2:00-2:50 pm. That just might be incentive enough to get it done. And none of my online classes have hit the online "canvas" program yet. Kind of irritating. The plus side is that this semester should help bump up my GPA. That would be great.

On another note, we went to a birthday party for my adorable little niece that was a blast. We had soo much fun and the boys fell asleep with their party favors. The food was delish and the games were super fun! It was nice to have the family all together. And on the food note....there was a pasta salad that was TO DIE FOR. I'm looking forward to having some extra for lunch today. Mmmmm. Thanks for sharing :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Goal & some other stuff of course

So yesterday our lesson in Relief Society was about living the gospel. Not just being LDS, but living it. This is something that I need to do better. I truly struggle with this, because I have a hard time choosing to read my scriptures over watching my favorite show. Just like I have a hard time getting my butt up to clean or exercise instead of reading a book or something like that. I think I'm having a growing up moment. It has given me a lot to think about and a lot to ponder on what direction I want my life to go in.

In other news, this week is a busy week. School starts today and I'm excited! I love school. I never thought I would hear myself say that but truly I do. Plus it gives me built in exercise which is even better. I also have a dentist appointment today which will hopefully take care of everything but the crown. Then I'll have the crown and be done. I'm kinda excited to be done. I also hope to find out about this other job opportunity this week. Crossing fingers!

And finally....

My goal this week is to exercise every day, no matter what. Regardless of if its a 45 minute Zumba session or a 10 minute walk...I need to get in the habit. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

The benefit of Pedi's

Yesterday, us girls at work all closed up early to go get a pedicure. I haven't had a pedicure since I was pregnant with Ryder (its been a looong while) and my feet were disgusting. They had to use the cheese grater thing on it to get all the rough, dead skin off. But oh my goodness it was fantastic. Seriously, it was 100% worth the $25 it cost. And the little chinese guy was super nice, which was plus compared to the last time I had went there and had a bad experience. I am definitely going to make that more of a priority from now on, at least getting one every couple months. I couldn't believe how much it made me feel better. The color was supposed to be dark red but it turned out more black. I still like them though. So I say definitely take time out to get one, you will feel soo good after your done. It will make you happy :) And if you go to the schools instead of a salon, you can generally get them done between $10-$15. You just probably won't get the jetted foot soak and massage chair experience.

On a random tangent....last night I was laying on the couch while the boys were playing with their legos and all of a sudden Tyler yells "Mom! Look at Ryder!" I dunno what I was expecting but when I looked over Ryder was SOAKED in blood. Literally, when I took off his shirt I could've wrung it out. His face was covered in it, pants were was crazy. I have no clue what he did because he wasn't crying or anything, just sitting there with blood dripping off his face. It definitely scared the crap out of me. I'm thinking that he must've been picking his nose or something since that was the source of the blood. All I can say is I never want to see any of my kids soaked like that ever again.

I think thats all folks...I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random stuff!

I don't know really how to get this all in user friendly paragraphs so I'm just gonna spout it all out. And add pictures for awesomeness!

-I have decided that along with my quarterly goals, I am going to also do one goal a week. Whatever I want to work on that week will be my goal. It can be related to my quarterly goals, or just something random. I will start on Monday.

-I finally buckled down and did an entire workout of Zumba last night. Of all the places to be sore its my butt that's feeling it. My butt! But I LOVE it. I did 45 minutes and seriously had the best time ever. I was almost sad when the cool down showed up. I'm gonna love this I think. I do look kind of ridiculous doing it at the moment as my feet are definitely NOT as quick as the dancers on TV. But I'm getting there. And thats a dollar that goes in my workout jar!

-I am soo very excited for a new job opportunity that could be coming up for me. It would be a perfect transition from what I'm doing (I would be staying in the housing industry) but also would allow me to use the knowledge (as I gain more of it) from my Advertising/PR emphasis. Not to mention the folks there are awesome and I truly think it would be a place where I would look forward to going to work every morning. This company is on my top 5 list of places I would love to work, so when I was asked if I was interested in possibly joining their team, I was ECSTATIC ya'll! And extremely honored that they thought of me. I am soo excited about it and hoping everything ends up working out. I should know if a week or so if that is going to happen. Yay!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals Check!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2012 is officially here and that means the time has come to look into my goals and see if I accomplished them or not. Here goes.

Health and Wellness Goals

Goal 1: Plan and execute menus every week: Success!
Goal 2: Track all food every day on my calorie count app: Success!
Goal 3: Run 3 times a week and do weights the other 3 (1 rest day): Umm not so successful.
School Goals
Goal 4: Read out of one of my textbooks every night: not so successful.
Goal 5: Study: Ended up getting the hang of this at the end of the semester. Half success.
Goal 6: Attend class every day unless there is sickness or death in the family: Success!
Family Goals
Goal 7: Do homework as a family every night: Semi-success
Goal 8: Eat dinner at the table as a family: Semi-success
Goal 9: Work on sticking to bedtime routine: Semi-success. Just depends on the night.
Religious Goals
Goal 10: Have FHE every Monday night: Success!
Goal 11: Read the Book of Mormon every night: Not as good as I had hoped. Needs Improvement.
Goal 12: Have family prayer every day: Success!
Financial Goals
Goal 13: No using the overdraft account: Semi-success
Goal 14: Put money aside in savings: Fail. Big fail.
Goal 15: Get Christmas bought ahead of time while I still have money: Big success and I will definitely be doing it again next year, totally worth it!
I feel good about 2011 goals. There were ALOT to work on and I had mostly successes. The fails I can just keep working on. For 2012 I am going to have a new approach however. I am going to set quarterly goals (and not so many at a time) so that they are a little more obtainable. So here are my first 2012 quarterly goals.

Health and Wellness Goal: Lose 15 pounds by March 31
School Goal: Give 100% effort to assignments/tests and turn in ALL assignments required (most my classes are online and sometimes I slack on those)
Family Goal: Be consistent. I'm having an issue being consistent in how I'm parenting. consistent.
Religious Goal: Keep up with the Book of Mormon reading schedule that was given to me on Sunday
Financial Goal: Secure a job! No really...keep my cushion of money saved away just in case none of these job offers come through. Its sooo tempting to spend it.
One of the girls at work found a superb idea on Pinterest for accomplishing health/wellness goals that we are going to do. For every workout, put a dollar in a jar. Once you reach $100, you are free to spend that money. I know my discipline is lacking, so I might have to store my jar at the parents house to keep me accountable, but I think its a great idea and will keep me motivated. Plus that gives me reward money to spend for accomplishing weight loss goals.

As a blanket goal...since this year is supposed to be the last of existence (thank you Mayans)....I plan on living every day as if it is the last day of my life. I need to appreciate every moment more instead of just letting precious time slide by. Regardless of if some weird apocolypse happens or whatever...this is something I've needed to do for a long time.

I send best wishes to everyone for a happy and successful 2012!