Friday, January 6, 2012

The benefit of Pedi's

Yesterday, us girls at work all closed up early to go get a pedicure. I haven't had a pedicure since I was pregnant with Ryder (its been a looong while) and my feet were disgusting. They had to use the cheese grater thing on it to get all the rough, dead skin off. But oh my goodness it was fantastic. Seriously, it was 100% worth the $25 it cost. And the little chinese guy was super nice, which was plus compared to the last time I had went there and had a bad experience. I am definitely going to make that more of a priority from now on, at least getting one every couple months. I couldn't believe how much it made me feel better. The color was supposed to be dark red but it turned out more black. I still like them though. So I say definitely take time out to get one, you will feel soo good after your done. It will make you happy :) And if you go to the schools instead of a salon, you can generally get them done between $10-$15. You just probably won't get the jetted foot soak and massage chair experience.

On a random tangent....last night I was laying on the couch while the boys were playing with their legos and all of a sudden Tyler yells "Mom! Look at Ryder!" I dunno what I was expecting but when I looked over Ryder was SOAKED in blood. Literally, when I took off his shirt I could've wrung it out. His face was covered in it, pants were was crazy. I have no clue what he did because he wasn't crying or anything, just sitting there with blood dripping off his face. It definitely scared the crap out of me. I'm thinking that he must've been picking his nose or something since that was the source of the blood. All I can say is I never want to see any of my kids soaked like that ever again.

I think thats all folks...I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday! :)

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  1. melissa had that happen once at school and we had to go get her because she was covered in blood, then she didn't want to go back and I don't blame