Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random stuff!

I don't know really how to get this all in user friendly paragraphs so I'm just gonna spout it all out. And add pictures for awesomeness!

-I have decided that along with my quarterly goals, I am going to also do one goal a week. Whatever I want to work on that week will be my goal. It can be related to my quarterly goals, or just something random. I will start on Monday.

-I finally buckled down and did an entire workout of Zumba last night. Of all the places to be sore its my butt that's feeling it. My butt! But I LOVE it. I did 45 minutes and seriously had the best time ever. I was almost sad when the cool down showed up. I'm gonna love this I think. I do look kind of ridiculous doing it at the moment as my feet are definitely NOT as quick as the dancers on TV. But I'm getting there. And thats a dollar that goes in my workout jar!

-I am soo very excited for a new job opportunity that could be coming up for me. It would be a perfect transition from what I'm doing (I would be staying in the housing industry) but also would allow me to use the knowledge (as I gain more of it) from my Advertising/PR emphasis. Not to mention the folks there are awesome and I truly think it would be a place where I would look forward to going to work every morning. This company is on my top 5 list of places I would love to work, so when I was asked if I was interested in possibly joining their team, I was ECSTATIC ya'll! And extremely honored that they thought of me. I am soo excited about it and hoping everything ends up working out. I should know if a week or so if that is going to happen. Yay!

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