Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's dark....but it's battleship :)

Last night we decided to have us a little FHE. It was good times. I've decided to start by going back to the basics because, well, we all need a refresher. So we are going through the For The Strength Of The Youth book topic by topic. We started with a lesson on Agency and Accountability. We talked about how we have free agency and want to make good choices. I really like that the boys were attentive (for the most part) and Nate even looked up the scripture associated with the topic and read it.
We then decided on a game of U-Build Battleship (you get to build your own ship out of lego things...kinda neat). Nate and I were on a team and Tyler and Ryder were on a team. Then Nate, Ry and I were on a team. Then Nate and Ry were on a team and I was on the team with Tyler. Even with the switch around it was pretty fun. I really liked it.
We all did homework together afterwards and then did our bedtime thing. It was a great night. I rounded off the night with some Zumba! I have once again decided I love Zumba!
I however did not read the chapter I needed to for scripture reading, but we read almost an entire chapter for the lesson so I think that counts for last night. I count that as a win for the night! :)


  1. Yay!! Good for you!
    I noticed you have the myfitnesspal on your sidebar! I have that app on my ipod, we should figure out how to link up to encourage each other!!

  2. I can look up your username if you'll give it to me. You can send it via facebook message if you want so it's not out there for the world to see :)