Thursday, January 12, 2012


So my classes started this week and I think I'm really going to enjoy my math class. My instructor is taking a different approach of teaching math than any other instructor has in the past, so I'm really hoping that she will help me understand it. I'm horrible at math. Its my worst subject by far. But maybe she can help. What I don't like is that it's taking almost 6 hours of my week away for just one class. But...I guess its worth it in the end. The online classes are having hiccups and only one is even up and running. The other two are not. But thats good because it gives me time to get my books and stuff that I ordered online. I think this will be a great semester.

I am SOOO super excited about something that I will disclose here at a later date. Like I want to burst with excitement and woohoo! But I'm trying to tone it down to cautiously optimistic. Hopefully I can report good news soon :)

I think my legal battle with the ex is winding down as well. That makes me happy. After re-wording some things that I had proposed, I think we are on common grounds. His attorney didn't have spell check apparently however because there were a lot of spelling and grammar errors so my attorney is fixing that up and he wanted to question just one thing on the custody, but thats it. I just might be done with this mess soon. Makes me super duper excited at the prospect! But also kinda nervous maybe? It will be an odd feeling to be free of this mess after dealing with it for the past 5 years. I know it will feel great though, so thats what I'm holding on to.

I got to tell a funny happening from yesterday. We were on our way home and Tyler was extremely passionate about showing me where he went on his field trip. I was tired and really just wanted to go home (which normally I would've just said no but I'm trying to be a more supportive mom) but we decided to go see since I thought we would drive right by it on our way home. We started at Grandpa and Grandmas house and as we were passing the university he said "Mom I really want to show you where we walked to today! Its right by the church over there!" So in my mind I was thinking one of the theatres at the university so we headed that direction but I was wrong. So we had to go towards main street and I realized it was at the Heritage Theatre that was in the middle of town. But of course when I asked him, he said he wasn't going to tell me. So I try to go straight (the quickest route there) and got told that I was going the wrong way so we had to do a quick turn onto Main Street. About 1/2 block later he said "Man I guess we should've went straight back there, but you can turn right there!" (a little driveway used mostly by cops, of which we were just passing as he said it). Then "Dang you missed it Mom. Your going to have to turn on the next one." So we turn on the next one and are going through a little shopping/dining strip mall type place and I know if we just go straight in front of them we could see the heritage center but nooooo that wasn't good enough. "Mom you HAVE to go through the parking garage. Otherwise your going to miss it." This involved flipping around in the uber tight parking lot packed with cars and going through the parking garage. Nate is insistent on going up to the top floor of the parking garage so I have him in one ear saying "Mom we have to go to the top! Its how you get there!" And Tyler in the other ear saying " Nuh uh! You have to go straight! Don't listen to him Mom just go straight through!" And Ryder back there saying "I'm ready to go home, I'm hungry. Lets go." Finally...we pass the Heritage Center doors and I got to hear about how they went to the stage and how awesome the concert thing was and such. It was really kind of fun to hear all about it and I know it made me happy that we took the time out to help him know he's special.

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