Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday!

I love Friday. This week is no different, but its even better because we have a three day weekend! I need the break (as usual) to clean my house, do my laundry and all that jazz. It's been a minute since I have been 100% completely caught up on laundry, however this weekend that is my goal. Get laundry 100% done. Including bedding. I should have plenty of time to do so.
I don't think we are doing anything fun and exciting at all, but I still love the break and am looking forward to being able to lounge in my (new super comfy SUU) sweats and be comfortable too. Awwww the joy.

I think its awesome that today is Friday the 13th. And what makes the day super special is that TWO of my wonderful family members birthdays are today. And with the new year I am planning on celebrating birthdays on here. I did slack a little with Addie (sorry!) as I only told about her fun party, but I'm going to get better. I may miss some but I'm going to REALLY try not to. So here goes.

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Dad- Happy birthday! You are fantastic Dad. I'm not entirely sure what I would do without you. You keep my cars running, even though I can be a bit rough on them. Your always there to save me when I run out of gas. You would give the shirt off your back to anyone who needs it and you have been a wonderful example of someone who goes out of their way to serve others. I remember nights of going on walks where you made sure to walk on the outside of the road where the cars were driving, you picked up every piece of trash we saw on the ground and always helped when we saw someone in need. I love that you have always been a prankster too. For instance, calling "Yaba Daba Doooo!" from your truck when you saw us walking home in an attempt to embarass us and going in with my brothers to get me to believe that you guys were building an actual UFO in the big hole that was in our backyard for awhile (I really did believe that for a super long time). I love when you whoop along to songs you like and bust out awesome dance moves when you hear a catchy tune. You help my boys do the fun "boy stuff" that just wouldn't be the same if I were helping, like building derby cars and rubber band guns. They look up to you and I can't thank you enough for being such a great example to them. It means the world to me that they want to be just like you when they grow up, I can't think of anyone better for them to strive to be like. I love you dad, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Katie- Happy birthday to you too! You are such a sweet girl. I love when I get to see updates about all of your neat accomplishments. You are such a smart girl and I love to see that you do soo well with your piano and reading goals. I especially love that you had the chance to play soccer, since that is my favorite sport. I remember when I first met you. It was at my wedding and you were the most adorable little girl. Now, you have grown up soo much and are such an amazing, beautiful young lady. I am soo happy to have you as part of our family. I wish we were closer to be able to spend time with you, but we are there in spirit as are you with us. I love you lots and I hope you have a super fun birthday!

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