Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Weekend and Goal Check In

We had a pretty good weekend all in all. I can't say it was a disappointment. Friday we decided to have a good ol' movie night. We rented Mr Poppers Penguins and The Help. I LOVED both movies. Mr Poppers Penguin was adorable and the boys thought it was hilarious. It had a great story to it too. The Help made me cry. It was fabulous and makes me want to read the book, which I plan on doing very soon.
Saturday we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast and went to IHOP. Can I just tell you that there is a reason I don't go there, I just forget sometimes. It is completely overpriced and the service is not great. Our meal was upwards of $30 which is crazy....we can usually eat under $20. We then got a surprise visit from one of my friends and his son. The kids played forever and ever at our little playground in the complex. It was decided they would stay for dinner, and grilling sounded like a good idea at the time. I say at the time because I'm surprised that the fire department wasn't called on us.
This was just the beginning. By the time the burgers were all grilled, smoke had filled not only the balcony but the house as well. It took a good two days to get the smell out. But....

soo cute :)
We finally were able to eat some delish burgers (with dry onion soup mixed in...soo tasty!) and the boys thought it was soo good, they all had seconds. That never happens. We watched Mr Poppers Penguins again (so that friend and his son could experience it of course) and just had an all around fantastic night.
Sunday church was a thinker. Our lesson was Love Thy Neighbor and I realized I need to do better at teaching my kids the principles they need to be wonderful, service oriented men. I won't go into it, however I have a plan. Well not really a plan, but I have lots of ideas. We shall see how it goes.
Monday was our day to clean and do laundry. I'm happy to report my house is shiney and clean. My laundry is done. And my snacks and lunches for this week are pre-prepared. It feels soo nice to have a clean house. I also started (and finished!) week 1 of the Book of Mormon challenge my ward put out. Those introductionary verses they had us read were inspirational and I couldn't put the book down. I finished all of the reading for week one. And I'm excited to move on to week 2.

Goal wise.... I failed miserably at exercising everyday. So this week...I make the same goal again. I'm going to exercise every night this week. Yesterday my exercise was the entire day of house cleaning/shopping (and I do count that...I burned 920 calories according my MyFitnessPal and that was low balling on the time). But tonight is feeling like a Zumba night. I will report back tomorrow on how that went.
Have a good week all!

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