Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A running post

DNF and the success of "failure"

For those of you who are newer to running...DNF = Did not finish. As in I tried to run this marathon but broke a leg at mile 16 and got a DNF.
The fear of DNF is what motivates us to train, get out there in sub zero weather and plug away at the miles but DNF has an evil side as well. The fear of DNF prevents many of us from even trying.
And DNF isn't just for runners or running. How many things in our lives do we limit ourselves in because of some sort of looming and scary threat of DNF.
For the New Year it struck me that many people are so fearful of "DNF" that they don't even bother to set goals or resolutions at all. More than once I heard, "I don't set goals because then I don't set myself up for disappointment."
There was something profoundly bothersome to me about that type of statement.
I'm not trying to judge, here. Believe me I was once that person as well.
What I've learned is, we have to get over our fear of DNF. DNF fear holds us back. When we aren't willing to fail we limit ourselves and we wind up living lives less of what we are capable of.
Stop being afraid to fail. If you never fail, you're not aiming high enough.

Along the same theme - I saw this amazing video yesterday:

These are bits and pieces of a story shared from I highly suggest checking it out!

I absolutely love this post. And agree fullheartedly. I have many, many DNF moments in my life and it sucks. I really have to try to get past them and push on. The video is a must see as well. It made me tear up. I think I'm getting too emotional in my old age when a runner tears me up but its true.

Last night I was able to do the Zumba tone series and I LOVE it. Once again the DVD sped by and 45 minutes was under my belt before I knew it. And according to a new handy dandy calories burned calculator app I found, I burned 707 calories. I was also able to finish some math homework early and read out of my legal book and communications book. I'm hoping to get myself in a habit of reading out of each every night so I can keep up on the courses.
Here's hoping today is even better! :)


  1. Kim, we can do this! It is our time to shine!

  2. Thank you soo much for sharing the story...its my new inspiration. No more DNFs for me!! We can do it! :)