Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gettin' Antsy!

The time to move is coming up and I have been trying hard not to be too excited because otherwise time will pass by slower than it has been already. But I couldn't help it tonight. So of course....I turn to my Auto Homestyler and have at it. The living room in it's raw is below....

Yay fireplace!

And below is how I'd love to someday have my living room look. It will be awhile before I get to spiffy it up since getting the kids new beds is my priority (they are in pretty rough shape). And of course I couldn't structure the room exactly like above, but it's close. Forgive the loooong outside placement was off.

And of course I can't help to play around with my bedroom. Also low on my priority list but it's still fun to dream :) Bedroom picture below....

It's workable...

I think it's workable. Someday. Maybe. :) Until then it's fun to just design. And side note...I fell asleep creating these and writing this post last night. It was kind of funny. Anywho...bedroom below.

Ok that is it. Moving day is coming in one week and hopefully we will be ready by then! I'll be sure to share pictures when I get all set up. Have a good night ya'll. Happy dreams :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Remembrance Day


Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness/Remembrance Day. And of course I am remembering my Grayson, who has blessed me and keeps blessing me to this day from his little perch in Heaven. He makes me realize how precious life is and how I need to never ever take my living sons for granted. I forget that on those awesome days where they don't listen or if they do, they just don't care to do as I ask or when they are endlessly antagonizing each other or fighting relentlessly. But they are wise and give me gentle reminders. Sometimes it's a hug. Sometimes it's filling up my water bottle when I don't even realize I need more water. Or offering to exercise with me to keep me motivated (although this isn't completely selfless, since most the time they are trying to get out of going to bed but it's sweet all the same). I love the mornings when one (or all three) end up in my bed super early in the morning just because they wanted to cuddle for a little bit. Or when they steal Eskimo kisses just because. I especially love the breakfast in bed on random days because they want to do something nice for me, or when they actually help each other out. I love my boys and can't think of life without them. Sure it would be easier but it most definitely wouldn't be as fun. And I am thankful for the influence Grayson has had on them. They never met him in person or even saw him other than in pictures, but they all feel a connection to him. In fact, Grayson is Ryder's friend right now and he talks about him often. Don't get me wrong, today has been a bit difficult as well. I've been reading over stories of the men and women who are apart of a Facebook support group and it is just heartbreaking to know they've had to go through this type of pain. I have definitely shed a tear or two.

So I offer a challenge to you. If you know someone who had lost a pregnancy, stillborn, infant, child, etc. please give them a hug today. Or even a quick text or call to say you were thinking about them. It helps soooo much to know others care, believe me. So do you accept the challenge?? Do it! I dare you! Alrighty until next time...have a happy week!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I've learned

This last week(ish) has been interesting. I've learned a few things.

1. When something exciting happens (moving!!!) the remainder of the time you have to wait goes by sloooooooooow. The last year has whizzed by quicker than you can say quick. And October was proving to do the same...until I want it to go quick. Then of course time goes at snail pace.

2. Moving sucks. Nix that. Packing sucks. I hate packing. I've been procrastinating. Nate's room is ready to roll. Ty/Ry's room is getting there. The rest of the house is untouched. Except for the mountain of boxes in my living room.

3. When I get ready to move, every flipping time, my housework goes to pot. I don't know what it is but every single time, the last month before I move equals a serious lack of keeping up with chores. So irritating.

4. Tonight I found out I beat another dude to the punch on the home. I know he's needing to find a place pronto and would like to stay in that area, so now I feel kinda bad that I got in with my app just a tad bit quicker than him. I'm grateful for the opportunity, super excited of course, and I think it all worked together for a reason. However I'm definitely keeping an eye out for rentals in that area in hopes of helping his cause.

5. Procrastinating on homework (a.k.a. building volcanos) until the night before they are due is not a great idea. Thankfully, he teamed up with a friend who had also forgotten and they got it done quickly. But we didn't get home until 9:45 pm.

6. On that note....I hate the new "core" math they have going on at school. Nate used to absolutely LOVE math. Now he despises it, and I got a call from his teacher that he's been unprepared for math all week. Meaning he hasn't been doing his homework. The homework he says he never has because he finishes at school. If he doesn't start being more prepared, she's sending him to Skills which is not good. That is where the naughty kids go. Oh heaven help us all, lets send some good mojo his way to help him to remember his homework. And actually do it. Ugh.

7. Moving sucks. Again. I've been thinking of all the stuff I will need in a home and prioritizing. Priority beds. The younger boys broke their bunk beds (but in reality not all their fault, they were not put together well when we moved in to this place) and I truly don't think those beds will make it to the new home. It has some Kimmy handyman redneck tactics holding the beds together right now. It's time for new beds. Do you know how much new beds are? Yeah I almost had a heart attack.

And there you have it, the lessons I've learned this week. Here's to hoping all works out well. Cross fingers and send good mojo if you have any to spare. Until we meet again,,,,,

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

I've been hunting for a place to live for over a year, as you all know. Nothing ever worked out or felt right and it's been quite frustrating. The last few weeks I have really felt the like it is time to move on. To the point that it felt weird to be driving felt like I was going to the wrong place. Which sounds absolutely insane, I'm aware. I've felt like I was losing my mind a little quite frankly. So I've been looking for places to live and I figured since my feelings were soo strong about moving now, something would just magically appear and work out. But it didn't. The houses that fit my picky criteria have either already been rented or were over my budget. Last night I was to the point of giving up and my mom kindly reminded me that when the time is right, the right place will come along. So last night I pretty much poured my heart out to the big guy upstairs and kind of laid it all out to him. I let him know I was frustrated and that if it really was time for me to move, why wasn't anything working out? 

Well today a friend of mine who works with a property management company here called me today. I had asked her about a house a couple months ago that would've been the perfect place to rent. It wasn't super fancy or anything, but it was in good condition and in an area I really wanted to live in. The downfall, it was way out of my price range. So...I stalked her website from time to time daydreaming of the day I could afford it. A month after talking to her, she posted that the rent had been reduced. Sadly, still not to a level I could afford though. Imagine my surprise when she called to let me know it still hadn't rented and the owner had decided to lower the rent again. This time to an amount that I can afford. I am pretty sure I jumped up and did a happy dance. 

I went on my lunch to take a look. The inside is soo cool. It's an older split level home with three different levels. It is a little outdated, but I love the paint colors (it feels homey!) and the layout. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 family rooms, a huge laundry room and a massively huge storage room on the bottom level. There are fireplaces on two of the levels as well. There is a big deck in the backyard and room for the kids to play. It even has a garden plot all set up. As soon as I walked in the door I was at peace, I knew this that was where we were meant to live. Without a shadow of a doubt, that was the place I had been feeling like I needed to come home to for the last two weeks. I turned in my application, got a call a few hours later letting me know I was approved and I sign the contract tomorrow and move in at the end of the month!

I got a good dose of humility today and a reminder that in my life, things happen when they are meant to happen. Not necessarily when I want them to happen. 

So let the packing ensue. I hate packing. But it will totally be worth it. Yay! :)