Monday, February 22, 2010

The New House...and Some Wierd Happenings

So I absolutely LOVE my new house...but there have been some creepy things go on lately. Now I do believe in paranormal stuff. I don't think that we are the only ones here, and I think that there are people who are here, just on the other side of the vail. But there really have been some wierd stuff happening at my house. In order of happenings, here goes:
* Nate came in my room around 10 pm to tell me his picture had fallen off the wall and woke him up. No big deal I told him I'd hang it again tomorrow. The next day, I went in and the nail was still in place and there were no indents in the wall like there should have been if the picture would've been too heavy for the nail.
* The next night, I was putting the kids to bed, and Nate was fast asleep, as was Tyler. I was sitting with Ry while he calmed down and was trying to sleep. I glanced out the door and saw a shadow run past that I figured was Nate going potty, but no lights went on in their bathroom or anywhere in the hall. I asked Nate what he was doing, but again he was sound asleep.
* That same night, after Ry had finally gone to sleep, I pulled the blinds on the windows and turned off their lava lamps and went downstairs for a bit. I went back upstairs and both their lava lamps were on again and the blinds were all skewed.
* The next day, we were in the living room after we had eaten dinner and Nate was grabbing a drink, when I saw what looked like smoke or steam in the kitchen. I asked Nate if something was on fire or if the dryer was making steam, but right when I said that it went away.
* The next night, I got woken up by one of the pictures in my room falling down. It crashed pretty hard, which was wierd since it isn't a heavy picture. And the nail was still in place with no indents. When I woke up the next morning my curtains were all pulled down as well.
* Now to last night, I had fallen asleep with Ry in my bed, and got woke up around midnight, not sure why. So I put Ry in his bed and went back to lay down and heard a kids voice (very different sounding than any of the boys') say what sounded like "Tsoo Tsoo" then a really really loud bang. First thought was that another picture had fallen but when I checked the house, nothing was out of place. The rest of the night I had a hard time falling asleep cause I kept getting that feeling someone was watching me, and I couldn't stop thinking about that movie Paranormal Activity which creeped me out even more.

So all of this on top of the boys still not feeling "comfy" in their rooms yet has been making me a bit on edge. Hopefully it's nothing and things will die down. It's certainly got my spooked though. Very, very wierd. Anyway....more to come later I'm sure.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I decided to try something new. I've been thinking of ways to make my after work routine a little easier so that I have more time to spend with the boys and I've decided to start crockpoting. I haven't cooked much in a crockpot so this is a new experience, but I figure if I can go home on my lunch and get stuff prepared and in the crockpot, by the time we get home it will be ready and we can just sit down and eat. Last night I tried spaghetti and it actually turned out really well! Some of the noodles weren't very done just because the ends were sticking out of the sauce, but other than that it was good. The boys ate it right up. Tonight I'm trying a new recipe from a cookbook I got at Deseret Book. Its herb chicken and stuffing. We shall see how it turns out. If any of ya'll that read my blog have good and simple crockpot recipes that don't take a ton of prep time...please share! I'm looking for ideas that the boys will eat as well. Thanks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More pictures of the new place

We are finally getting a little bit more moved in thank goodness...and I'm feeling a tad better about everything. Although I am still dreading having to trash a ton more stuff at the old place.
Anywho...heres the almost finished product of the new place. I haven't gotten the bedrooms yet cause they aren't done being unpacked yet. When they are...I'll add them. :)

The dining room

The kitchen

A kind of ugly view of the living room
My new couches in the living room
The downstairs bathroom
The kid's bathroom

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The New Place

I'm so excited that we are in our new place now. We've been sleeping there since Saturday and absolutely love it! We aren't all the way moved in yet, but getting closer. We just need a couple other things from the apartment, I've just been recovering from the big moving stuff, so haven't gone over there yet. below are before we moved in. When I get settled and things are decorated, I'll take some after pictures. It's definitely a step up from our old place! And no cockroaches! :)

This is the living room...
The kitchen...
The boys bathroom...
My bathroom :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New House stuff...and more CG

*I found a place! Woohoo! its a townhouse in the Countryside Terrace division, its 3 bedroom and 2 1/2 bathroom place thats upgraded and has wood floors. I got a steal of a deal and I can't wait to move in. I sign the contract tomorrow and can start moving in as soon as Friday, but I'm thinking the big move-in date will be Saturday. I got alot of work ahead of me but it should be an easier move considering alot of my stuff is going to be trashed and replaced due to the cockroach issue.
*I ordered my new furniture! :) Also due to the cockroach issue (after researching the kinds I have) I felt it would be best to replace some things that they like to hide in so they don't move with me. I am getting an AWESOME new sectional couch, a new bed for Nate, and a bedset for me since I've never had one before. And I got a steal of a deal for those as well...yay for Rocky Mountain Furniture. They have awesome deals going on right now. I will post pictures of everything once I'm unpacked and moved in.
*Lastly, I've had to work with CG yesterday and today...but he's improving. We had to take a test to become truly certified to do our jobs, so he was hoovering at my desk for about 4 hours yesterday and 2 hours today...but he kept his mouth shut AND didn't do anything wierd. Except totally kill himself on the corner of my desk, which I laughed at when he left the room. :)

Anywho...its been a good week! I hope ya'll are having a good week too!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Creepy Guy Chronicles....

So there is this really creepy guy that got hired to work in St. George but has been working through our office to train. As a background...he is creepy. He is probably 50 and is married, and only wanted this job because he is bored. He worked construction before and this is his first time working in an all female office. So...he is referred to as Creepy Guy (CG) from now on. Here is the timeline up til now.

*Week 1
- He gets hired and the first day into his training here he comes to my office and asks me if I'm interested in older guys, with that really odd, flirty voice. Creepy.
- Second day he tells me he is going to take me to lunch. Not asks me...tells me. Because my boss asked me to try to make friends with CG to make him feel more at home here, I hesitantly agreed. Lunch was...odd. He stared at me while I ate without saying a word.
- Fifth day he tries to convince me to ride with him to our training the following week. I say no. So he goes to boss lady and has her try to convince me. I say no. He pouts and still tries to talk me into it and explain the reasons he thinks it would be great if we could ride up there together. Sigh.
*Week 2
- Sunday night he calls once again (dang boss lady for giving him my cell "just in case") to convince me to ride with him. I say no. Again. So half way up he calls me and asks where I'm at and if I can find the hotel ok. I say yes. He says we should go swimming when I get there. I say a BIG NO to that one. I get to the hotel and he says we should go grab dinner. I give in and we go eat. He asks if I want to go have a drink. I tell him no I don't drink. He asks instead if I want to go back to his ROOM!!!! to watch a movie. I say a GREAT BIG NO to that one.
- The rest of training week....I avoid him at all costs.
*Week 3
- Still avoiding him at all costs...but its hard to do in an office of 3 people. He comes in and asks me if I've ever watched Nip/Tuck. I say once or twice. He says theres a girl on there named Kimber. I say...uh ok. He says he's going to start calling me Kimber cause the girl on Nip/Tuck is hot. ???
- I come into my office and he is in there eating my chocolates that I have out for my clients...having an "herbal escenses commercial moment". Yeah.

And on to today. I was sitting at my co-workers desk helping her with bills when he asks "Wow thats a cool stamp on your hand (the boys put a fake tattoo on my hand last night) did you go to Vegas last night and go clubbing?" And he was serious. I said no, I'm not going to Vegas on a random Tuesday night with my 3 kids tagging along to go clubbing. He says "Well thats good, I wouldn't want you to go without me." Really?!?!?

So as more progresses you will hear more about the CG Chronicles I'm sure. It is kind of humorous really, we get a good laugh out of it here at the office. After the creepy feeling leaves. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update For the Week is the progress of the week:

* The weekend went by ok. I spent it with Jared and some discussions happened that made me really think about my future and snowballed into a fight. But...I'm good at starting fights so whats new there haha.
* I am starting to get frustrated with finding a new place. All the ones I thought I could afford are going to be a tad on the spendy side after seeing what I normal check of mine looks like. I had forgotten every check I've had since I've worked here has had extra money from either training, or Christmas bonus, or just extra hours. Hopefully something will come about soon. Taxes should be here next week so thats when I plan on really finding a place and moving.
* Shower still doesn't work in my apartment. I'm getting tired of having to borrow Mom and Dad's shower everytime I get to the nasty point. And this morning the toilet started acting up. Hooray.
* Work is wearing on me. I love my job and am soo thankful for it, but I never realized how much work these girls I work with put into it. Its tiring and I feel drained at the end of the day.
So today is kind of an UGH day to post but I needed a break from my work. I hope everyone's work week is going well and wish everyone the best. :)