Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update For the Week

Well...here is the progress of the week:

* The weekend went by ok. I spent it with Jared and some discussions happened that made me really think about my future and snowballed into a fight. But...I'm good at starting fights so whats new there haha.
* I am starting to get frustrated with finding a new place. All the ones I thought I could afford are going to be a tad on the spendy side after seeing what I normal check of mine looks like. I had forgotten every check I've had since I've worked here has had extra money from either training, or Christmas bonus, or just extra hours. Hopefully something will come about soon. Taxes should be here next week so thats when I plan on really finding a place and moving.
* Shower still doesn't work in my apartment. I'm getting tired of having to borrow Mom and Dad's shower everytime I get to the nasty point. And this morning the toilet started acting up. Hooray.
* Work is wearing on me. I love my job and am soo thankful for it, but I never realized how much work these girls I work with put into it. Its tiring and I feel drained at the end of the day.
So today is kind of an UGH day to post but I needed a break from my work. I hope everyone's work week is going well and wish everyone the best. :)

1 comment:

  1. You know you're always welcome to come over anytime and shower, or just relax! We're always here... and if we're not, we probably just ran to WM!
    I hope everything starts looking up for you soon!!
    Have you looked out here for a place to live?!