Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Creepy Guy Chronicles....

So there is this really creepy guy that got hired to work in St. George but has been working through our office to train. As a background...he is creepy. He is probably 50 and is married, and only wanted this job because he is bored. He worked construction before and this is his first time working in an all female office. So...he is referred to as Creepy Guy (CG) from now on. Here is the timeline up til now.

*Week 1
- He gets hired and the first day into his training here he comes to my office and asks me if I'm interested in older guys, with that really odd, flirty voice. Creepy.
- Second day he tells me he is going to take me to lunch. Not asks me...tells me. Because my boss asked me to try to make friends with CG to make him feel more at home here, I hesitantly agreed. Lunch was...odd. He stared at me while I ate without saying a word.
- Fifth day he tries to convince me to ride with him to our training the following week. I say no. So he goes to boss lady and has her try to convince me. I say no. He pouts and still tries to talk me into it and explain the reasons he thinks it would be great if we could ride up there together. Sigh.
*Week 2
- Sunday night he calls once again (dang boss lady for giving him my cell "just in case") to convince me to ride with him. I say no. Again. So half way up he calls me and asks where I'm at and if I can find the hotel ok. I say yes. He says we should go swimming when I get there. I say a BIG NO to that one. I get to the hotel and he says we should go grab dinner. I give in and we go eat. He asks if I want to go have a drink. I tell him no I don't drink. He asks instead if I want to go back to his ROOM!!!! to watch a movie. I say a GREAT BIG NO to that one.
- The rest of training week....I avoid him at all costs.
*Week 3
- Still avoiding him at all costs...but its hard to do in an office of 3 people. He comes in and asks me if I've ever watched Nip/Tuck. I say once or twice. He says theres a girl on there named Kimber. I say...uh ok. He says he's going to start calling me Kimber cause the girl on Nip/Tuck is hot. ???
- I come into my office and he is in there eating my chocolates that I have out for my clients...having an "herbal escenses commercial moment". Yeah.

And on to today. I was sitting at my co-workers desk helping her with bills when he asks "Wow thats a cool stamp on your hand (the boys put a fake tattoo on my hand last night) did you go to Vegas last night and go clubbing?" And he was serious. I said no, I'm not going to Vegas on a random Tuesday night with my 3 kids tagging along to go clubbing. He says "Well thats good, I wouldn't want you to go without me." Really?!?!?

So as more progresses you will hear more about the CG Chronicles I'm sure. It is kind of humorous really, we get a good laugh out of it here at the office. After the creepy feeling leaves. :)


  1. Not to put a damper on things, but he's crossing the line of sexual harrassment! We're taught in my office that you can ask a co-worker out once, and then if they say no - that's where it has to end. You've appeared to make it clear you're not interested, so if he keeps it up, you need to do something about it! YUCK - CREEPY!!

  2. Yeah Heidi is making him go through a sexual harassment training. Apparently he's NEVER worked around females before, just construction we are putting together a course that will hopefully take care of it.