Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New House stuff...and more CG

*I found a place! Woohoo! its a townhouse in the Countryside Terrace division, its 3 bedroom and 2 1/2 bathroom place thats upgraded and has wood floors. I got a steal of a deal and I can't wait to move in. I sign the contract tomorrow and can start moving in as soon as Friday, but I'm thinking the big move-in date will be Saturday. I got alot of work ahead of me but it should be an easier move considering alot of my stuff is going to be trashed and replaced due to the cockroach issue.
*I ordered my new furniture! :) Also due to the cockroach issue (after researching the kinds I have) I felt it would be best to replace some things that they like to hide in so they don't move with me. I am getting an AWESOME new sectional couch, a new bed for Nate, and a bedset for me since I've never had one before. And I got a steal of a deal for those as well...yay for Rocky Mountain Furniture. They have awesome deals going on right now. I will post pictures of everything once I'm unpacked and moved in.
*Lastly, I've had to work with CG yesterday and today...but he's improving. We had to take a test to become truly certified to do our jobs, so he was hoovering at my desk for about 4 hours yesterday and 2 hours today...but he kept his mouth shut AND didn't do anything wierd. Except totally kill himself on the corner of my desk, which I laughed at when he left the room. :)

Anywho...its been a good week! I hope ya'll are having a good week too!

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