Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The First Day....

So this is my first day writing on this blog, or should I say night. I really need to start writing whats goin on in my life so I can start appreciate it more, so hopefully that will happen. :) And I'm going to try to include pics with every post, so we'll see how that goes. The pics for this post are from earlier today.

So today was Tylers big Easter party at the daycare, and it was soo dang cute. We made "stained glass" eggs out of tissue paper and wax paper. They turned out soo cute! His teacher, Ms. Holly, always has really cute ideas for projects for the class. Then he was a big helper and handed out cupcakes to all the kids. I am soo proud of him when I see him in action, he is always so eager to help. After that we went outside and had the big egg hunt on the play area. He had his little basket ready and when Ms. Holly said go, he was off and found tons of eggs. It was a great little party. I really love that daycare, all the teachers are sweethearts and genuinely care for the kids. I couldnt ask for a better place!

Nate's class party is tomorrow, and unfortunately I'm not invited, its an in class only party. But thats ok, I just hate that I wont get the updates cause him and Ty are going with their dad for Easter weekend. But hopefully I'll get the full story of it when I see them on Sunday.

Well I guess thats all for was a good day, but now I am its bed time. :)


  1. I love it!! If you need any help, I can try... hehe. I'm adding you to my list-hope u don't mind!! We need another Park day, when it's not cold!!!

  2. I love it and its about time I am adding you to my list as well take care!!!

    Stephanie Cowley Richards

  3. I'll add youto - and I'm glad for the photos!