Friday, August 10, 2012


Today is Friday wooooo! I like Fridays. Except maybe this Friday because work was stressful and I really needed tomorrow to be a work day not a weekend....but it will hopefully all work out in the end with our problem file. Anyway, not much to report so here are a few pictures from the last little bit. I've been slacking at pictures huh! Here goes.

We played at the boy's school the other day with LJ. It was fun...this is them racing down the hill

Ty racing down the hill

Nate racing down the hill

The boys lookin all tough sprinting down the "stairs"

Ry hates the tub/shower, so I was surprised to see him and LJ tubbing the other day. LJ was showin Ry how to blow bubbles. It was sooo cute.

Nate got stung by a bee/wasp/hornet/something. It was huge. Threw some lavender oil on it and it was gone within a few hours. Always amazes me when that stuff works.

Remember my stress over work pictures not too long ago? This is the one that will officially be on our webpage under my name. I really wish my hair hadn't looked so sweaty/greasy from the 139583 degree weather that day but otherwise not shabby I think. Check out Joie Madison she definitely made me look way better than I really lookd that day.

So there it is. Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. You are BEAUTIFUL. The camera just captures what it sees.

  2. I agree you look beautiful. The camera just captures what is there, it's our head that convinces ourselves otherwise! Good luck with everything. We are happy to see things looking up! One of these weekends we need to come visit... A park visit or something.

  3. Thank you Kala!
    Thanks to you too Em! I think that sounds like fun...just let me know when you would like to. :)