Thursday, August 23, 2012

Funny Kids

My kids crack me up. They are super funny when they want to be. Two gems that I heard today make me laugh still just thinking about them.

Ryder was sitting at the table after dinner and Grandma was trying to tell us something but he kept interrupting so Grandma asked if he could give her a turn. He gave her the funniest look (I really need to catch it on camera some day, its hilarious) and asked her "What do you want to say?!" So grandma said "No I'm asking if I can have a turn to talk." and he replies with "But what do you want to say?!" It took a few more rounds of this until he finally gave Grandma permission to share her story. But you better believe as soon Ry thought Grandma was done he was back to chattering. The face plus the funny way he was saying it was just too hilarious. I have one feisty child...he is very silly.

Then on the way home Ryder starts singing really loud "The cows are in the meadows...eating buttercups. The thunder and the lightning make us jump!" I don't know why that struck me as soo hilarous but it was. Maybe because after singing it he would just bust up laughing thinking it was soo funny. So we've heard a couple different renditions of the song as the nights progressed. Tooo funny.

I love my kids, they make sure that I never have a dull moment!

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