Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We've had a very eventful couple of days, holy cow. Its been great, but busy busy! On Monday my niece Melissa was in the play Annie Jr (Jr because all actors were under 18) and she did a great job! The whole production was wonderful. It was a great family home evening for us.
Tuesday was the most insane day thus far. Work was hectic busy and then after leaving work much later than normal we went to Nate's pack meeting for scouts. He earned a few badges and they had a really good time.
Crappy cell phone picture of Nate recieving his awards
Right afterwards Nate, Melissa and I headed to auditions for a second Annie production that is being put on by the community theatre. I never thought Nate would want to be part of a play, but he did so away we went. It was soo hectic and crazy, and auditions were running late and we were there about 30 minutes later than expected. But in the end it was worth it because......

Boys will start rehearsals on Saturday, September 22 at 6:00 pm (the FULL CAST rehearsal). They will rehearse some Tuesday and/or Saturday evenings for their specific scenes. A more detailed schedule will be posted in a couple weeks.

Cast of Boys

Luke Barnes
Andrew Barrick
Jeremy Cain
Nathan Stubbs

Woohoo! Nate got a part! He is very, very excited. We aren't sure what part yet, as it only says Cast of Boys but I guess we will find out in September at the first rehearsal. He is soo excited to be able to be part of the production. I'm excited for him!

I'm finally getting some loans starting to close's awesome! I am very much looking forward to my paychecks coming in regularly and not being on salary advances anymore, it will be a great day let me tell you. I am also seeing that moving didn't happen for a reason with some events that have recently happened (good events that will be discussed at a later date if they continue to progress). Life is going pretty darn good. I'm happy for that.

And to end the post....random funny picture of Ryder! It made me giggle :)

He's a cowboy!

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