Friday, August 31, 2012

Oy what a day

Today was not a good day. I'm sure if I would've checked my health stats my blood pressure would've been through the roof. It was a morning (to be specific) that I truly just wanted to lay my head on my desk and cry...while being all shaky and ugh feeling. I made a few pretty costly mistakes and it made me question if I could really do the job. And then my amazingly awesome bossman did what he does best and bouyed me up. I really cannot comprehend what potential he sees in me sometimes, but he does. And I really REALLY appreciate the fact that he is there to help ground me. I appreciate that he understands the learning curve and still feels I am doing awesome at my job, even with my mistakes. I am still feeling the burn of the biggest mistake made today, one that I have offered to take the cost out of my commissions if we can't work the issue out with the Lender. A cool $2,500 mistake that was. Yeah. That bad. I learned my lesson and will definitely not make that mistake ever again. But that learning curve sucks.
I am so looking forward to the 3 day weekend and the upcoming Family Reunion that is going on this weekend. It will be nice to get away and have to force myself not to work. I need the break I think. Time to re-group and come together. This big mistake also makes me see that moving would've been extremely bad. I wouldn't have had enough money to cover the much higher rent had I moved... so I am feeling a little blessed.
So ya'll...I hope you have a relaxing weekend. Have a happy Labor Day!


  1. Thank goodness for understanding bosses!! You can totally do this job, I know it.

    P.S. Can you turn off the Captcha thing on the comments and just do moderating? The Captchas are awful and often I have to do them more than once before I get them right.

  2. Sure thing! I hate Captchas and never get asked to do them when I comment on my own blog....I'll see what I can do! :)