Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Moment of Reflection - Grayson Post

  **This post does have pictures of Grayson which I know is something that some may be sensitive towards, so just lettin' you know ahead of time.**

I don't generally discuss (in too much depth anyway) things that have to do with Grayson. But as I was dusting my dresser today, I picked up my Grayson box....

I was given this little yellow box at the hospital to keep momentos and such. I honestly haven't really opened the box more than a couple times in the past 3 years, and even that was just to add stuff in there as I came acrossed it. Well today I decided to open it up. I remembered there being pictures and maybe a card in there, but wasn't sure what else I would find quite honestly.

And, I actually found a few things I hadn't remembered about. I had the pictures of course, the CD that had the original proofs of the pictures that were taken at the time but I found some other treasures that I am so happy I kept, as I didn't keep much from that experience.

Don't mind the extreme need for a re-paint of the nails.

The nurses did the ink hand and foot prints...I had forgotten all about it. It is crazy to think that his little pigs were smaller than my thumb. His hands too. He had 10 perfect toes and 10 perfect fingers.

I hadn't opened this card when it was given to me, I had just put it right in the box and never looked at it since that time. Well I opened it today and found something so very special to me. Grayson's stats when he was born. I think it just all kind of sunk in when I looked at it. Seeing this card made me go back and remember that day, the feelings I had felt and how much I have grown since that time. It also helped me remember him, which sounds odd because I think of him a lot but it made me remember the physical side of him, not just the experience. My Grayson was 13 oz and 9 1/2 inches long. He fit in my hand with a little wiggle room left. He was a perfectly formed little boy.

 I think I need to open that box a little more often and remember just how much of a miracle he is to me and how he changed my life. He was taken from me before I even got to know him, but he had served his purpose. He had given me a change of heart and continuously helps me learn and grow so that I can be his Mother again in the next life.