Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Proud Moment

Today I had a proud moment. The day was actually full of happy moments, but one in particular was a proud moment. So back to the beginning to tell the story (but obviously can't go into much detail for privacy issues)....I've had this file that has been extremely hard. Soo very hard. There were mistakes made by me and the Lender both, so I take my end of the responsibility but wish they would've done their part too, it would've saved a whole mess of issues. Anyway. We have been trying to fix the problem, and I was asked to figure out a calculation that I've never done before. I poured over the HUD Handbook last night to try and figure it out, looked on the Lender website to see if I could find the answer, and just nothing. This morning I couldn't find anything and then I had to drop it to work on some other urgent loans that needed my attention. Understandably the Loan Officer (LO) on the file I had to drop was frustrated that I hadn't been able to find the answers I needed. She let me know her frustration in not a very nice way.
And I stood my ground! For anyone who knows me well, I really try to go above and beyond when I'm doing things and don't like contention so I will jump when asked. Today... I stood my ground and voiced my frustration back. It was a big moment for me. Very big moment.
I did take some time after voicing my frustration to do as she asked and figured out that if she would've paid attention to the file, I wouldn't have had to spend hours trying to find the answer because it was non-existent. So...I poured out all that work for nothing. Obviously I was beyond irritated. It was an extremely high tension situation and because of the issues on the file and the contention between the LO and I, I decided to give up the commission and pass on the file to a processor that didn't have as many files as me, so she could spend the time that the LO wanted spent on the file.
And my stress level....has gone WAY down. I got 3 hard files closed today...I was able to pass on the other very high stress file that was taking more time than I had to spend on it.....and I have many more on the brink of closing.
Its a good day. A very proud day.

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