Monday, September 24, 2012

Latest Ryder-isms

My Ryder cracks me up. He is such a funny kid who says the most hilarious things sometimes. And... I can't help but to share a little because they are funny enough they make me laugh right out loud.

On the way to daycare this morning Ryder and I were talking about what fun adventures will be happening today and out of the blue, in our normal stream of conversation he all of a sudden said "Mom, my mouth is leaking." I almost died laughing.

When telling Grandpa about this, he told me that on the way to St George a while back him and Ryder were discussing ears popping from the change of elevation and Ryder said something to the effect of "Turn on my hearing Grandpa!" Makes sense with the ears popping...

And tonight as we were playing around I started to squeeze on the top of his head (gently of course) in a game we like to play sucking out the brains and he very ademently told me "You cannot suck out my brains Mom, only caterpillers can. And ladybugs."

Where does he come up with these things? He cracks me up...I love this age because it all makes complete and total sense to him. He doesn't realize why I'm laughing most the time but gets a kick out of it anyway. I love my boys. They are so much fun. :)

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