Monday, September 10, 2012

A Fun Family Night

Tonight we went to a fundraiser dinner/events to benefit the folks who recently got flooded out in the recent ginormous rainstorm. We had lots of fun! Dinner was very tasty and the Tyler gave up his birthday money to pay for wristbands for himself and his brothers to play the events (I'm paying him back on payday for his generosity...) and they had a blast!

Ty and Ry hiking up the bouncy slide

Nate knocking kids out with the giant ball in the middle of this monster bounce house

Nate climbing the climbing wall. That kid is good...he hopped right up the wall, hit the buzzer and repelled back down. I've decided he's a rock star. Or a monkey.

Ty didn't make it quite to the top, he gave up about half way through. But he still did awesome and I still think he's a rockstar monkey boy.

One of the events was a ping pong ball drop from the top of a fire engine ladder. The boys thought it was awesome and paid an extra $5 a piece to get a ping pong ball (that would hopefully yield a prize) but we came home empty handed. The boys were bummed, however after explaining what the money was for they were okay.

Does not do the sunset justice but I loved the orange glow behind the clouds. It was a great end to a great day.

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