Monday, September 3, 2012

Cowley Family Reunion

This past weekend we had our annual Cowley Family Reunion. It was fun, as always, and we really enjoyed ourselves. And instead of writing about it...I took lots of pictures! So we shall do Cowley Family Reunion via Instagram!

The beautiful cabin we stayed in (among other buildings, this one is just the prettiest :)

Off in the distance is a kid sized barn, swings, teter toter, swing set and volleyball field that we enjoyed

They added this pretty little pump pond since last time, it was very nice

The pretty flowers in bloom

Photo Op moment in the sleigh....there was even a plastic Santa in there at one point!

The B-Ball shooting game that the boys absolutely loved, thats Ty playing with cousin JJ

These little bike scooter things were cool, I can't remember their names. But the boys also loved them...Nate probably more than the rest. He spent a lot of time racing his cousin James around the big barn/garage place

Ry on the hop-a-long horse. There were a few of these kickin around too. And obviously he is the only one who would stop playing long enough to allow me a non-blurry picture haha!

What family reunion isn't complete without a Piniata? This one had lots of yummy treats inside

The fam gathering to hear about the Burrville murder

Nate pulling the Rickshaw. I think he's found his calling in life

The family getting ready to play a skeet shooting game

The boys aiming for skeets

Nate shooting the 22

Nate shooting the 22 Cricket (the cutest little gun I've ever seen!)

Tyler shooting the 22 Cricket

Tyler shooting the 22 with the help of Jeremy and Blake

Ry getting in on the action and shooting the 22 Cricket with Steve

Not pictured.....
*A delicious dinner of marinated then grilled chicken that was absolutely delish
*Lots of catching up with family and meeting new/soon to be family
*A movie night projected on the side of the garage featuring Only a Stonecutter (the link is the shortened version), The John Tanner Story (this link is part 1 of 2), and Nacho Libre - which is one of my very favorite Jack Black movies.
*A yummy breakfast of pancakes, fruit and egg/sausage/pepper/onion scamble
*Many four wheeler rides
*Volleyball games
*Awesome sunburn lines
*Much, much more fun and excitment had by all!

We really had such a great time, it was the perfect de-stresser from a rough week. I wish we didn't have to leave but I am sure happy to be home to my own bed. Heres to a successful reunion and I look forward to the next!

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