Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryder!

5 years ago today my life changed when my little goofball Ryder came to town. I love that kid. Today was his birthday. It started a little rough. He was ornery as all get out this morning and very clingy. And from what Grandma said he had a whole lot of come aparts after she picked him up too. Once I got there, however, he seemed to calm down and actually be able to enjoy his birthday which I thought was great. We had our traditional family birthday party with the cake choosing and the whole sha-bang. I'll let the pictures show. I'm big on pictures lately I've noticed. goes.

Playing with his presents a little early. Ms Beverly at pre-school got him a cool flashlight that made a star winking with it's beam. And of course the new cowboy hat.

The traditional decorating of the cake...with M&Ms of course. I love his face!

I love the perfectly content look on his face right before he blew out the candles. Nothing better for a little guy than being surrounded by loved ones on his birthday. :)

Getting ready to blow! I had a picture of him blowing the candles out but Nate's head was in the way. So...this is as good as it gets.

Wearing the birthday crown he also got at daycare. They treat him so well there, I just love them to pieces. And I love that face!

Ry wearing his new Mater jammies from Aunt Betsy, Uncle Scott and Jackers! He LOVES them!

So Ryder, my little lovey, you are the bright spot in my day. You are hyper and crazy but loveable all at the same time. Its pretty darn hard to stay mad at that cute face too long thats for sure. You give me a run for my money, but I hear that you were just like me when I was a kid. Scary....but also good I think. I love every bit of you and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!