Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Last Day of Swimming Lessons!

So taking pictures with a camera phone is NOT a very good option when wanting clarity, so you really can't tell where my children are....but look hard haha. Today was the last day of swimming lessons, and Tyler passed with flying colors, ready for level 2! Nate...well, 3rd time is a charm they say. He just needs to work on his back stuff. They have LOVED swimming lessons, and they have been both of them more confident as well, its been a nice change.

Tyler was waiting for his teacher to hide some sticks on the platform, and practicing his strokes in this top picture. Nate was diving for rings in his picture next door here.

And Nate was being a dork and goofing off in the picture over here. He's definitely got a little bit of Carlile in him thats for sure. He has been doing good, although not as confident as Tyler is in the water. But we will work on that.
I just realized everyone BUT Tyler were doing the backstroke practice haha. He was too busy uh, doing something, I don't know what. I wish the picture would've come out more clear, he had the cutest orange goggles on, he looked cute in them.

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