Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We decided to play soccer today. Oh...my....gosh! I think I have a natural born soccer talent in my family! Woohoo!! Nate takes after momma, except I wasn't a natural born player...it took a TON of practice. But..he on the other hand rocks.

We went to Grandpa and Grandma's house to play in their backyard, and it was super fun! Nate is soo quick on his feet, and even though he was playing in flip flops...I know, not good soccer shoes haha...he has a really good kick and is very fast on his feet. Tyler tried his hand at it too, but decided "pitching apples" was much funner. Sorry Grandpa...I know if you woulda seen that we would've all been in trouble!

Ryder tried to get his hand in on it too....but didn't get the rules about not touchin the ball with your hands. Instead, he would pick up the ball and carry it to the goal. But hey...whatever works. He's not even 2 yet...so it's all good. But he got tired of that game really quick and went back to cookies and sippy cups.

I can't wait to see Nate in action on the field. I know he's goin to be AWESOME out there. He kicked hard, was tricky on his feet...and even caught one of my kicks straight in the stomach just like a goalie is supposed to do. I'm definitely a proud momma today! I was hoping one of my kids would take up my passion for soccer...I think I got my wish. WOOHOO Nate! :)

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