Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Frumps

A female with lack of concern for appearance. Often characterized by sweatpants, frizzy hair, gramma panties and a paisty complexion.
-Urban Dictionary
I have been feeling rather frumpish lately. I vowed when I was a teenager that I would NEVER turn out to be a frumpy old lady. I would be hip and stylish for the rest of my life. Yeah that didn't work. It was particularly bad while I was married. I COMPLETELY let myself go. Like in a bad way. When I started school, things got a tad bit better. I moved on from wearing my ex husbands jeans to actually buying my own. But I still wasn't there. When I became single again, I focused more on myself but in a downhill spiral type of way. Then things evened out but there are still (many) days that I just don't put the effort in.
But on the flip side, the days that I DO put effort into my looks I feel wonderful. So why is it that I wouldn't put forth that effort every day?
Ummm laziness mostly. Staying up to late and rushing to get ready in the morning. Talking myself out of doing things for me because it would be "silly" to or whatever other excuse. I never could justify spending money, even just a couple dollars, on something that would be special for me. It kind of felt selfish.
I've realized that if I want to turn myself around, if I want to be able to make improvements deep on the inside, I need to be able to feel good about myself. So, I'm going to start a challenge for myself. There have been numerous friends of mine doing the same so I might as well join the bandwagon, right?
I really need to think about how I want this challenge to go, but I want to do something new every month, starting March 1. Nothing huge or expensive because who has the time for that? Just little things that will make a small difference. When I figure it all out I'll share.
Have a good weekend ya'll!
p.s. When I was looking for pictures of frumpy stuff, google images spit out some very non-frumpy pictures. If society really thinks that a celebrity with full on makeup and a touch of "messy hair" is frumpy...seriously.

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  1. You should play along with me and my De-Frumpiness Project!