Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ice Cream and Scouts

Last night after FHE we decided to cash in on Tylers free ice cream cone (prize for reading every day last month) from a delightfuly expensive ice cream shop called Maggie Moos. Their ice cream is delicious. However, the price is not. So we all got kid size ice cream cones and even with Ty's free cone, it was just under $10. For 3 kidsize cones. $10. Yeah. Have I ever mentioned that my kids aren't really the ice cream type of kids? They think they want it but in reality when the ice cream is in front of them, they take 2 bites and are done. This was no exception last night, but its worth it for the whole spending time together, right?

Cotton candy and bubblegum were the flavors of the night
Tonight was Nate's annual Blue and Gold Banquet for Scouts. I will preface the night by saying that Ryder's new thing is saying "I'm being quiet!" while he's practically yelling, as well as making sure you know that ANY word you may possibly say is "a bad word!" Tyler's new thing is being bored. All the time. No matter what. Even if we are playing a game or watching a movie, we hear "I'm sooooo bored!" constantly. I think its payback for my childhood because I distinctly remember on several occasions pulling the same trick on my mom. Anyway. On to the night.
Ryder was being loud, like really loud, during the entire program. I would tell him to whisper and of course he would yell "I am whispering!" And of course Tyler was bored all throughout the program. Nate thankfully was content to play with his scout friends semi-quietly, but still. The program was still good however... and I don't think we were too disruptive as no one glared or told us to be quiet.
Nate helped with the program and did wonderfully at reading his part. His scout leaders can't tell me enough how great of a kid he is and how helpful he is. That makes me proud.
He was not in the photogenic mood...but his pictures did make me laugh a little.

attempt 1

attempt 2

attempt 3 (i finally gave up)

On another note....today was my offical first day at my new job and I absolutely LOVED it. I'm rather excited to see where this job will take me. I have high expectations of myself.....and I am going to do what I can to exceed those expectations. I'm feeling rather blessed to have been given this opportunity, so I am going to make the most of it. Happy days are ahead ya'll, very happy days!

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