Thursday, March 1, 2012


So I've been learning alot in my Communications courses this semester about how our brain works. How it thinks, processes information, and perceptions of ourselves and others. Its been interesting. I've realized a lot about myself in the course as well...I tend to be a bit self destructive. Especially when it comes to this blasted chub I've accumulated in the last 10 years (I feel really old saying For eating that whole entire pack of Little Debbie oatmeal cookie things REALLY that bad for you? And the answer is yes at 170 calories of pure fat. But it's hard to think something so little and tasty is really that bad for you. And that how I self destruct. No...I've never eaten a whole pack of Little Debbies in one sitting but when I get munchies it's sometimes hard to realize that I should be grabbing a banana, not something loaded with processed junk.
Its hard sometimes to see the bigger picture. Will it really do any good to eat healthier and exercise? I'm not good with patience. I want to see immediate results and it's really REALLY hard to have faith that if I do the right thing I will eventually see progress. And thats with all aspects of my life, not just the chub. But its a learning process I suppose. I just need to figure out my priorities and get it done. Plain and simple.

And ..... that was my thoughts of the night. It's time for bed. Goodnight all :)

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