Monday, March 12, 2012

50 Things

A couple friends have been doing a fun 100 Things About Me thing and I thought it would be fun to follow suit. Except I'm shortening it to 50 things. I don't think I could pull off 100. But still....I encourage you to do it too! {and tell me so I can go read it!}

1. For those who haven't caught on yet, I have 4 amazing, wonderful, sweet and awesome boys. They are my whole entire world. They drive me crazy, but I love them more than anything.
2. One of those boys is in heaven. I truly look forward to seeing him someday and being able to be a mother to him again. Sometimes, that is the only thing that keeps me going on the path I'm walking right now.
3. My favorite family activity has to be movie night with the boys. Especially the ones where we get to snuggle up in blankets with candy, popcorn and soda.
4. A close second would be going on hikes with the family. Nothing like a little exercise to lift the spirits (and to make three very active boys tired!)
5. I enjoy playing the piano. I regret not practicing more during the years I spent taking lessons (I can't really play more than three sharps or flats without ALOT of practice. Like ALOT). But it de-stresses me and I like being able to create something beautiful.
6. Going along with #5, I've only had the opportunity to have three types callings in the church during my adult life. I've been a primary teacher once, a music coordinator once, and a pianist at least six times if not more. I think it's a sign I need to practice more.
7. One of my favorite pastimes is reading. I don't get to do it near enough, but if I find a good book I can usually read the entire thing within a weekends time.
8. I also enjoy singing. Yet another thing I should've practiced more as I've realized if you don't keep up on it regularly you can lose your pretty sound.
9. When I was younger I wanted to be an interior designer. I loved (and still love) to design houses and rooms on homestyler software just for fun. I have probably hundreds of different designs out there in computerland.
10. I also wanted to be a fashion designer. I would draw up fashion designs for hours of mostly pretty dresses.
11. And I wanted to be a princess. I still wish I could be a princess. When The Princess Diaries came out it was my absolutely favorite movie ever.
12. Funny enough, you would never know I wanted to be a princess growing up because from when I was little bitty up until probably 6th grade, my best friends were all boys. I grew up around the boys getting dirty and playing in the mud. I had one or two friendgirls, but not many. Even now, I get along way better with guys than girls.
13. I LOVE Zumba. It is the funnest workout I think I've ever done. For once, I actually enjoy working out! I used to be all about kickboxing and I still think its fun, but it doesn't compare. Thank goodness too, I need to lose some chub.
14. I am still not sure about my religion. I talk a big game sometimes, but its one of those things I'm still trying to figure out. I want to know for certain about the truth, but it takes time.
15. I don't think I've ever been in love. I wish I could say I was, but I've never had that heart skipping a beat every time you see each other thing even after years and years together. I hope that that kind of love exists, and I hope I find it someday.
16. I hate that you have to use that twice sometimes like above. It just looks funny.
17. I like practical jokes. I am pretty positive that if I find that love....the poor guy is going to have to have a very VERY high toleration level for me. Very high.
18. I love beautiful things. Jewlery, photography, clothing, hair accessories, doesn't matter....I love it all and try hard to surround myself with it as much as possible.
19. I have always wanted to have the chance to dress up pretty. I never went to any of the formal dances in high school, and I was a whale at my wedding, so I really haven't ever had the chance to feel all dressed up and pretty. I think it goes along with that princess thing.
20. I've always wanted a little girl. I love my boys, they keep me highly entertained and drain me of all energy....but I've always wanted a girl so I could fix her hair, help her with makeup, go clothes shopping, all that fun girl stuff. I love it.
21. Funny enough I like the girly stuff but hate dresses. I like dressy clothes, but hate dresses in and of themselves. They are just uncomfortable, or something.
22. My ultimate biggest pet peeve ever is when people eat with their mouths open. My boys hear it all the time..."Eat with your mouth closed! Your driving me crazy!"
23. Pretty closely tied to that would be chewing ice. Mix the two (chewing ice with mouth open) will makes me want to hurt someone.
24. This is really REALLY gross but I have a weird obsession with popping zits. I love it. I don't know why, but I seriously love it.
25. I can't pin my favorite food down to one thing. I love sweet pork (mexican), my mom's meatloaf, garlic bread, a well made cheeseburger and pizza. And a whole lot more.
26. My favorite dessert would have to be Applebees Blondie. Or baked ice cream. But really, anything sweet is good.
27. If there is one smell that absolutely drives me crazy it's stinky feet. Not just any stinky feet, my boys' stinky feet. They can get bad. And give me headaches.
28. My favorite smell is probably vanilla and fruity anything.
29. I love to cook but am not great. I really like to make things that taste good and am always proud when I do, but it takes a whole lot of work. Ask my boys....they will tell you.
30. I probably don't cook well because I'm a really picky eater. I'm getting better in my old age, but not much. There was a time I refused to eat any veggies except corn, some carrots, and potatoes. I've gotten better, but not by much. Baby steps though right?
31. The reason for that picky....well its not so much the taste but the texture. Something can taste amazing but if the texture is funky, it will make me gag. Therefore, I don't broaden my palate very often and easily get tired of the same old foods.
32. My all time favorite actor is Channing Tatem. I think he's amazing. And really cute of course.
33. I can't pin my favorite actress, but I have a couple. I love Rachel McAdams, Zoey (can't remember her last name but she was in Elf) and the girl from Easy A. I can't remember her name but she cracks me up in every movie I've ever seen her in.
34. I am absolutely horrible at remembering names. Horrible. I can remember faces like its going outta style but ask me someones name and I just can't do it.
35. I am deathly afraid that my boys will grow up and be like me as a teenager. Or turn out to be criminals of some sort. Or both really. I pray that I will be able to figure out a way to raise them right.
36. I pray that my kids grow up being like any one of the amazing men in my family. Every single one is amazing. They all have character traits that I admire. Above all, they are all gentleman that have sweet spirits. I'm lucky to have them around to be good role models to my boys until I am able to find a wonderful prince charming.
37. My favorite color is green but not just any green, a peaceful sage green that has more grey undertones. I will have at least one room in my home be this color of green.
38. I have a secret addiction to TV. Okay maybe not so secret. I have to watch myself or I can get immersed in interesting series.
39. I could also very easily be lazy. Last Saturday we literally didn't change out of our pajamas and stayed in the house all day. I can't do it too often or I go stir crazy, but I do love it every once in awhile.
40. I wish I was a runner. I've always wanted to be a runner but no matter how hard I've tried, it just isn't happening. Sad.
41. I am rather shy. I am not great at starting conversations and I generally just wait until someone approaches me before I say anything. I've been working on this, but it's really hard to do especially when you have the grace and eloquence of a clumsy elephant. Maybe someday.
42. I also have a fear that people will think I'm crazy, or annoying, or weird. Probably why I don't generally talk to people first because I'm pretty (okay realllllly) self conscious.
43. I've always wanted really long hair. I don't think my hair will ever grow past the middle of my back, but I've always wanted that long, luxurious hair that kind of just flows. And curls. Always wanted pretty curls as well.
44. I really wish that I could finish something big when I start it. I have great motivation initially, but my follow-through sucks big time. Some day I pray that I will finish the big stuff.
45. I forget things alot. It really bothers me. I'm horrible at birthdays, due dates for schoolwork, due dates for anything really, attending events, and anything else you ever have to remember. Since I've been utilizing my phone calendar I've gotten better but I still can't remember most things without a reminder.
46. I hate math. But my teacher this semester is amazing and has made me find a new love for it somewhere deep inside. I actually think it's fun now for the most part.
47. I really love cologne (on guys of course). There is nothing better than a yummy smelling guy. Mmmm.
49. I want to travel the world someday. My goals are to visit Ireland, Scotland, Italy, England, Australia, Brazil, Fiji, Hawaii.....and the list goes on and on.
50. I love photography. If I could do anything in the whole world (right now anyway) it would be starting my own photography business. I love creating beautiful things and really do love being able to capture amazing moments. I'm not very good at it, but I hope that with practice, I'll be able to hone in on some hidden skill somewhere.

Ok ya'll thats it! Hopefully you learned something about me that you didn't know before. Now your 50 or 100 or 10 things about you! :)

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