Monday, March 26, 2012


We decided to go swimming for FHE tonight and it was fun....for the most part. We raced around the lazy river and I got my exercise in hauling Ryder around while being a motorboat. And then we were a train and choo choo'ed our way around, and had races with brothers. And then we kicked and kicked practicing our swimming with brothers. We probably went around 20 times. Thats one good workout let me tell you what. Nate and Tyler had been bugging me to help them float on their backs, so we went to a little benched area of the pool that Ry likes to splash in. We had a little scare when Ryder decided to be a daredevil and walk/jump off the bench while I was helping brothers. I'll tell you what, there is nothing that causes more worry and anxiety than watching your child go under water when you know he can't swim. It was scary. Luckily he wasn't under for very long, and it didn't seem to phase him too much since after a few snuggles he was ready to play again but I'm permanently scarred for life from the whole ordeal. Lesson learned the hard way for this momma, Ry will have a permanent shadow from now on, even if his fiesty little self tries to get away.


  1. Next time you go swimming you need to invite us. Mel made the mistake of telling Addi she was going today with her class and Addi has been sporting her swimsuit and boots ever since.

  2. Hahaha! We will definitely let you know. It's so much more fun (for me anyway) when we have others go with. They have been begging to go so I'm sure it will be soon!