Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday is a special day....

Today we got alot accomplished. We started the day with this....

Clean house (and laundry)...Check!

Then did this.....

The area at the lot sales to stock up on food storage YAY! There are big cans of food behind the ramon.
Since the boys will be camping with their Grandparents next weekend, we decided to kick off Easter early as well and do this.....

The boys waiting patiently to dip eggs

Nate dipping his egg

The finished products!

And then this....

Mmmm cookies
 Which we put in these (after eating a few of course)....

Friend Gifts! With cookies, banana bread, cadbury mini eggs and some dyed eggs for decoration

Of which we delivered to a couple neighbors and friends.

I also listened to a wonderful talk on single parents that made me cry a little and gave me a whole lot of comfort. But I was listening on the radio, so no pictures for that one.

Nothing feels quite like a REALLY clean house (like we deep cleaned) and having laundry completey done (not just a load here and there). We had fun with the Easter stuff too. The boys loved making the treats and eggs, and loved sharing with friends even more! And now 2 out of the 3 are zonked out sleeping and I am resting. It was a good day.

And...the Pack Meeting pictures also finally showed up so here they are!

My camera doesn't do well with movement obviously. Nate playing a game

Tyler eating frybread MMMMM

Ry playing the drum

I am excited for tomorrow since I don't have to wake up early for church. Oh and because I like General Conference. The parents have ventured up to Salt Lake to attend General Conference in person so we aren't having our weekly family dinner....and so I'm going to attempt to cook a ham. I don't cook big meats well (like ham and roast and stuff) but have a good feeling. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at a big meal. We will see how it goes. :)

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