Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy Busy Week!

This week was a bit crazy, namely the last 3 days. Nate had his science fair and his school play on two nights. It was crazy, but super fun! Nate didn't want to be actually in the play, so he was stage crew and did wonderfully. But next year he decided to actually be in the play.
Work also went splendidly. I have a wonderful transition opportunity that I will be taking advantage of. It will offer a decent pay and full benefits, and I'll still be working for my awesomely amazing and wonderul boss. Did I mention he's the best boss I've ever had? Seriously, I have the utmost respect for that guy for soo very many reasons. This has been an awesome week. It makes me excited for next week. And the week thereafter. And after that. :) So yeah. Life is looking up. My de-frump challenge has also been going okay, but I'm getting tired of jewelry. I think I need to broaden my horizons a little. I'm thinking next month will be dressing up my hair. Or at least doing my hair every day instead of just throwing it in a pony and being done. I'm kinda excited. And I'll take more pictures. But anyway.....on with the show. I'm super proud of all of Nate's accomplishments this week, he is a superstar. And needs a haircut I realized as I looked at the pictures. Here are the last three days in pictures.

Nate's science fair project on Current Electricity. He did it all by himself.

Nate presenting his science fair

The "Jocks" in the school play

The "Bad Kids" in the school play

The "Lunch Ladies" in the school play

The whole group of kids in the school play

Nate making his appearance in the play. He's on the far left facing us.

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