Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Life

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Ever wondered what a 27 year old full time employee/student/momma/chauffer/cook (or lack there of)/teacher/snuggler/etc/etc/etc...does with the day? Well it's your lucky happen to know one. I've been trying to figure out a better time management/get everything done without being so tired I wanna die system. Here is my normal day as it stands (for now, push it back 1/2 hr when I have to start being to work by 8:30).

6:45 am-8:30ish am: Snooze, snooze, maybe one more snooze, naked 4 yr old poke to say he needs help getting dressed and will not wait another second. Help naked 4 yr old get dressed and shake, poke, tickle, kiss, drag 6 and 9 yr old out of bed and make sure they wake up and start getting ready. Oh and turn on Netflix for 4 yr old. And help him get applesauce. Get dressed, play referee to kids fighting over shows to watch, figure out something to do with hair, pretty up the face a little, get Ry shoes on and tell boys to get their shoes on 20949583 times, find my shoes and put them on.
Throw together breakfast (usually yogurt and a banana or granola bar) and some things to snack on at work. Pray it's 8:30 (if it's nearing 8:40 add in yelling at boys to quit being pokey and get their booties out the door) and start the morning commute.
8:30 am - 9:00 am: Commute. First to Ryders daycare then to the boys school then to work. Yes it actually takes 30 minutes to do all this. Thats why I get a little irritated if we leave closer to 8:40...
9:00 am-5:00ish pm: Love my job and work my booty off to be the best employee I can be. Go to Math 990 class. Rock it. Once again love my job and work my booty off to be the best employee I can be.
5:00ish-5:30/6:00ish pm: It takes on average 20 minutes to get to daycare, pick up Ry and get to the parents to pick up the other two boys. The ish all depends on how much we chat while there. Most nights we get home at 6:00.
Rest of evening until 8:30 pm: This time is filled with making/eating dinner, doing homework, on occasion workout sessions (I love those), school functions, plays, scout stuff, playing at the park, playing wii, doing whatever boys want to do. It's my only free time with them so we do what we can together when nothing else is planned.
8:30 pm-9:00 pm: Bedtime! And all that is incorporated in putting boys to bed and making sure they get to sleep.
9:00 pm on: This is my time to do my homework, clean up the house, exercise, laze around and watch TV, facebook/blog/news, try to relax, etc. It is also the time that I tend to have a major love/hate relationship with because of nights like tonight........

I am 27. Almost 30. I'm a single mormon girl. Anyone who is single at this age understands, but anyone who is single AND mormon really understands. And anyone who is single AND mormon AND has kids should holler because we could be best one gets it quite like us.
Sure it's kind of nice to be able to make my own choices, not have to deal with silly pet peeves, not have to clean up after one extra person.....I hear that stuff alot. "You should be soo grateful, you don't have to worry about XYZ!"
In reality....I wish I did have to deal with XYZ. If I need a break, I am at the mercy of whomever is able to watch my kids. I don't have an arm to show up on to company parties/weddings/church functions/parties/BBQs/whatever. If I lose a job, I don't have the second income to lean on a little for support. I don't get to snuggle up with warm body on the couch at night or have date night. Do you have any idea how much I would LOVE to have a date night? No one to celebrate any of those birthdays/anniversaries/major holidays with especially in the off years when the fam is off at their spouses' families' houses (no offense to my family in any way, I do love our fun times and boy do we have fun times! But it's just not the same being the only one without a spouse). And the most painful of all for me....When I turn in at night it's to an empty bed. No one to lay in bed with and discuss the day or tell funny stories to. No one to snuggle up to if I'm feeling a little scared. Not a chest to lay on and listen to heart beats that put me to sleep. No big person kisses goodnight. I love big person kisses goodnight. And no one to protect us if something goes wrong. It keeps me awake a bit longer than it probably should...this whole despising bedtime thing.
Thats my thoughts tonight.
Time to do homework. And clean. And then go to an empty bed.

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