Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pack Meeting

Nate had his pack meeting tonight and it was wonderful. We learned about Indians from the mother and grandmother of a kid in Nate's scout group. It took me back to my childhood when my very best friend from like 3 yrs old to about 6th grade was an Indian boy that lived across the street (the mother and grandmother that taught tonight are his sister and mother). I soo badly wanted to be an Indian. They made delish food and went to all these way awesome Pow Wows. They dressed in pretty clothes and danced around to drums. I thought it was awesome and always wanted to join in.
Tonight we learned about the PITU or Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah which is the band my friends are in. We learned games they played and how to make cradleboards. We also got to learn a social dance and dance around to the drums and song. Nate, Ryder and I all participated but Tyler chickened out. For the treat we got to partake in yummy yummy frybread with honey butter and powdered sugar. I love frybread. Soo delish.
I had pictures, but they have apparently made a permanent home on my phone. When I get them transferred I will attach pictures. They are pretty cute.

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