Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Blue Angels!

Today was a VERY eventful day. We started out with Nate's play practice in the morning *it's showtimes are March 22 and March 23 at 6:30 pm at the South Elementary gym* which he loved and then we headed out to the see the Blue Angels. Of course, you can't go to St George without stopping in to Costco. Costco dogs are my Dad's all time favorite food I think. The boys kind of like them too. Then we all piled in the Grandpa/Grandma mobile and headed to the airport.
The show was quite fun. We spent the first couple hours walking around to see all the neat things. They had a whole bunch of planes on display and my boys' favorite were the military recruiters. Nate got the guts to do the Navy challenge....him and an officer did 20 pushups and Nate won a new pair of shades and a water bottle. He was in absolute heaven. And I was in heaven of course because the place was swarming with yummy military guys. Ahhhhhhh.
Then the Blue Angels did their thing. It was absolutely amazing. Seriously, those guys are soo talented. It was insanely windy there and half the crew dropped out during the show, but by the end Nate, me and Grandpa finished out the show. I'll let the pics and vids speak for themselves although they definitely don't do justice at all for the amazingness.

Nate and Grandpa lookin at the planes

One of the pilots there was wonderful and took a pic with Nate. He LOVED it.

The boys all got their very own Blue Angel Planes

Seriously, amazing.

We finished the day out at Cracker Barrel where I successfully ate my weight in food (or pretty close anyway....its soooo delish) and then headed home. The boys and I are all exhausted and chilling out. But it was completely worth it....they had such a great time and so did I.
And now I'm going to shower and crash. Night all!

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