Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And...more on houses

In my dreaming of owning a home, I of course spent WAY too much of my free time today looking at house listings around here. Seriously, prices are ridiculous (in a good way). I fell in love with two in particular.

via Century 21
This one is my favorite (pictured above) and since I never click links I figure half my readers probably won't either so here we go. It's a 3 bed 2.5 bath twin home with a 2 car garage. Approximately 2000 sq feet. Here are my favorite pictures out of the ones on the listing.
Cute little kitchen

Fireplace!! (didn't save over very clear...)

And my favorite part....look at this YARD!

 Pictures that wouldn't transfer over included very large bedrooms, a huge laundry room, and my very favorite...a master bath that has a huge jacuzzi tub! I've always wanted a jacuzzi tub. It's in a newer, nice neighborhood and in the school boundaries where my kids are currently attending.
So what do you think this would cost a girl?
$85,000. Yes you read that right. Interest rates right now are around 3.7% however rounded out to 4%  at 30 years this would bring my payment to $405.80. Add in about 20% for escrow and you've got about $485/month for this beautiful home. Seriously. 

Second favorite is this beauty.

via Century 21

This is a 3 bedroom 2 bath single family home with a 2 car garage on a corner lot. Approximately 1300 sq feet. And again favorite pictures from the listing are below.

Cute little kitchen

Much smaller living room but it works

Isn't this room pretty adorable?
This baby is in a newer neighborhood as well, but it's more of an established neighborhood that is in a subdivision that is set away from town but still close enough to not really be considered outskirts. Its a hop, skip and jump from the middle/high school.There are billions of kids in that neighborhood that my boys are already friends with seeing as how it's located within my current ward boundaries. The school boundaries are different, but that hasn't posed a challenge thus far as my kids have had an exception to go to the school closest to my parents. Its not as big as the other one or as updated, but I really like it.
So any guesses on what this lovely would cost me?
It's listed at $90,000. Sticking with that 4% interest rate at 30 years would take the payment to $429 and adding in 20% escrow would make it closer to $500/mo.

Seriously....this is the time to buy. When I was looking at these homes I seriously wanted to cry a little for not being able to jump on the gravy train and get my own home. It's a dream I've had since I was a little girl and now that I'm approaching 30 yrs old, I feel like I'm finally growing up and ready for the responsibilities. dang credit is horrid. I want to kick myself for letting it slide. Granted there were outside sources that have affected it dramatically....however it is my credit so I need to take the blame. Still kind of want to cry though. I hope the market stays this way long enough for me to take advantage of it. I really do. Otherwise I will be one sad panda knowing that I could've owned a home for so cheap and my stupid actions prevented it.
Ok that is probably enough on homes for awhile. Tomorrow is Nate's science fair AND opening night for the play he is stage crew in. Should be an entertaining day, so I will make sure to take lots of pictures. And now I'm going to bed to dream of the colors I would paint the walls in my favorite house. Goodnight ya'll.

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