Friday, March 9, 2012

March's Challenge

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Mid March and I'm finally getting around to the March Challenge of de-frumping. Following suit with a bloggy friend who is also trying to defrump, I'm going to take on accessorizing this month (check out her blog here). Every day I'm going to wear some sort of an accessory that makes me feel good. I mostly just have jewlery, so that will mostly be what I wear. But I'm going to get it done. Hopefully this will help in my attempt to feel puuuurty or something to that effect.
I'm also going to try to dedicate more time to myself by way of health. I'm going to set a bedtime of 10:30 pm for myself. I was alot happier when I was getting adequate sleep. I wonder why I faltered? I dunno...but I'm gonna get back on it. I'm hoping to add in there waking up early to exercise....eventually....but I'm not there yet. Baby steps.
I've decided to give Weight Watchers a try again as well. I seemed to do good on that, so I bought a 3 month membership to the online system to see if it works. If it doesn't, then I will just cancel the membership and go back to MyFitnessPal. Its different going back to points instead of calories, but we shall see if its worth it. Hopefully I am. I need to lose some of this chubo. Its starting to affect my joints and make things painful.
Anyway...have a good weekend ya'll and happy Spring Break to those college kids next week!