Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The boys have decided that they absolutely LOVE sledding. I absolutely DON'T love sledding but only because you get wet, cold and muddy. I'm not a fan of wet, cold and muddy. However we actually had a lot of fun and I'm happy we went. I even got to race the boys down the hill. It really was such a fun time. The boys have decided they would like to go every Wednesday (early out days) until the snow completely melts. That could be awhile since the snow keeps a'coming. I do have to is also good exercise hiking up the slick hill again after racing down.'s completely worth it. And I feel like I'm doing better with part of my "do stuff that my kids want to do (within reason of course) in an effort to become a better mom....even if I don't particularly enjoy the activity." resolution. Funny thing is...I had a bit of a bad attitude when we headed out but as we were leaving, I was soo happy we had gone. We had a blast and it was worth every cold bone in my body.

Ry riding with Nate

Ty helping Ry up the hill

Ty watchin Nate and Ry speed past

Nate helping Ry up the hill (I love how my boys help each other...sometimes anyway)

Ever since the days of Bunco when one of the prizes for winning was a Hot Chocolate maker, I have REALLY wanted one but never bought one. Well, they had them on sale at a local grocery store today and I finally have had a little extra money to spend on one. I am SOOO excited about it! We made our first cups tonight and they were absolutely delish. It kind of reminded me of the movie The Santa Clause when the cute little elf girl gives Tim Allen's character some hot chocolate that was shaken not stirred. Granted...this hot chocolate is stirred but it seriously comes out perfect! No hot chocolate clumps, barely any chocolate residue on the bottom of the cups, and always the perfect temp. It was definitely a purchase that I am happy I made and the perfect way to end a wonderful, chilly day!

Our new hot chocolate machine!

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