Monday, February 20, 2012

Sicky Sick Sick

We had a very fun and adventurous day. We started out by attempting to go sledding, only to find that we had a flat tire. Thank goodness Grandpa rescued us and we were able to get on our way....even though we were about 30 minutes later than everyone else. But we had a blast. The boys LOVED being able to sled with their cousins and it was nice spending time with the family. And even with our late start, we got in at least an hour of fun sledding. Afterwards, we met up with some of the fam for some lunch and spent the afternoon playing Lego Batman. It was really great....up until Ryder started puking. And puking....and puking some more. I am not entirely sure if it was overdoing it with the sledding or maybe eating something bad for lunch, praying it's not the flu....I dunno. But I've never had any of my kids throw up so much all in one shot. I absolutely hate feeling so helpless because really? What do you do? There isn't a magical cure to get rid of the puke aspect. He's sleeping now and I hope he can get some much needed rest in order to get over whatever this is. Crossing fingers he wakes up right as rain in the morning. Until then....I cross fingers I can do something to make him feel at least a little better. And now I'm starting to feel yucky too. Hopefully it's just sympathy pains. Wish us luck!

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