Thursday, February 23, 2012

Final Days

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So tomorrow is my last day as a housing counselor. In the last 2ish years, I have learned soo much. I think this job was just what I needed to gain some crucial life experiences and help be grow some confidence that I had been lacking for a very long time. There have been some very tough experiences that taught me to toughen up a little bit and realize that regardless, I'm a good person. I had a really hard time dealing with them but they were learning experiences. But on the flip side there have been some spectacular times that made me realize it was all worth it in the end because I came out a better person.'s time to reflect:
-I've learned that it's important to follow politics. I never really cared what was going on (sad I know) with our country, but I was better at my job if I kept up with what was going on. Not to mention my position was grant funded, so it's smart to keep up on things just for that.
-I've learned that there are a whole lot of people out there who drive me crazy. I cannot tell you how much I realized that society has gone down the toilet in a major way. I am shocked by the number of people who use the system so that they can sit at home and get drunk/do drugs/smoke their lives away. Its sad. I wish I could do an intervention on them all and wake them up a little
-I've learned compassion for those who are less fortunate not because they just don't feel like working, but because life has truly dealt them a bad hand in life. They are trying their hardest to make the best of their lives and will do whatever they can to try and improve their situation, even if it means taking on multiple low end jobs to meet expenses.
-I've learned to truly love (not in a gross way geez) those who are not at capacity if you know what I mean. Even when they drove me crazy, I couldn't help but smile when I would get to talk to them. That is one part of the job that is going to be strange to leave....I might actually miss the daily interactions with them I think.
-I've had the opportunity to travel and make some lasting friendships with others around the country. I still stay in contact with many of them and will continue to do so after I leave. They are amazing friends and I can't wait to see where their lives take them. I've seen them move on to different jobs, get married, move cities, you name it. We all share in each other's successes and I love it! I also look forward to some who want to come visit and enjoy beautiful Southern Utah. It will be nice to catch up and just hang out.
-I've also made numerous friends locally through networking and in my clients. I will truly miss being able to interact with them on a weekly basis and wish all of them the best in whichever direction their lives take.
-I've grown some good friendships with the girls I work with. It definitely hasn't been an easy ride getting into our grooves with each other but I really do count each of them as a friend. It will be a very different experience working with boys instead of girls and I think I might just miss the freedom to girl talk without wierd looks. Except from our maintenance guy haha!
-And last but not least....I don't think I will ever work anywhere again that will have such fun...crazy...wierd....hilarous...out of this world drama. We would joke that the place is built on an indian burial ground but I really do believe it from the things that would happen there. It is definitely going to be hard to work at a place that even remotely compares. I don't know, maybe it will be nice not to have so much action? I think I'm going to miss it though. I might have to go sit in the office on lunch breaks every couple months just to get in my dose of wierd haha!

So...its been a good run. I truly am going to miss it there but I sooo very much look forward to starting this new chapter of my life and seeing where it takes me. Yay for a change in lifes direction!

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