Wednesday, February 15, 2012

6 months later....Disneyland!

I have finally been able to get my pictures from the Disneyland trip off my camera! So what better way to warm up from all this snow we are getting than to have a sunny warm re-cap of the vaca! These are the better ones that were taken. I also decided I should've taken more photos at Disneyland.....I'll remember that next time....

Fav pic of Nate doing handstands at the beach

I love this pic of Mom and Dad

Ry enjoying the waves...even though he wouldn't go out in them

Ty livin' it up

Ty and Ry being buried!

Grandma finally convinced Ry to go in the water...but only if she held him

Ty blowing out his candles

The fam after the BBQ singin a lil Happy Birthday to Ty

Nate and Ty takin up the helm. It is a helm....right?

I LOVED all the little counties that were portrayed on this ride

Grandma and Ry strolling around

Grandpa and Ry on the Dumbo ride

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