Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Workout

So I have decided to try somethin' new. I love my Zumba but the connector things from the DVD player and the TV are on the fritz, so until I replace them I have to figure something else out. Well thanks to Pinterest, I sure did. Here is my workout tonight.

Box for two minutes: Do jabs and uppercuts holding dumbbells.

Squats: Do 16 reps, repeat.

Donkey kicks: Do 8 reps, switch legs, repeat.

White Swan: Do 16 reps, switch sides, repeat.

Diamond Downsizer: Do 2 sets of 16 reps, switch sides, repeat.

There are some super awesome workouts laid out on this blog, of which I'm planning on doing for the next little bit. Seriously, there are TONS. And even better, they aren't complicated. Most have motion pictures to show you how to do the moves properly or they have the entire workout streamed in. I highly suggest checking it out if you want a little change up.
I have my next couple weeks all set up and ready to roll...I'll share my fun new workouts as I go. Have a good night ya'll!

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